UT Response to the COVID-19

UT PR: The outbreak of the Covid-19 with all its risks and ambiguities early in March 2020 preoccupied everyone's mind and this matter was sensitive in universities due to the gatherings of students in classes and dormitories and UT had to deal with more complexities in this regard due to its extensiveness.

Following the discussion of the matter in the first meeting with the UT Board of Directors in February 22, 2020, it was decided that the educational activities should continue online and UT units were notified of the utmost utilization of the existing capacities. Besides, it was emphasized that all capacities of online education should be employed and the substructures should be improved. The managers were also asked to include the matter in their agenda for pursuance and further action.
Due to the exceptional circumstances resulting from the Corona pandemic, the macro policy of UT in confronting with the existing crisis was conducted in two major fields: 1- Continuing the activities in the direction of Online-Teaching and encouraging the potentials of E-learning in UT. 2- Playing an effective role in confrontation of the country with the Corona pandemic in line with fulfilling the social responsibility of UT.
 Below you can find some of the measurements taken by UT in response to the Covid-19.