The General Office of Health and Treatment of UT Announces its Plans During the Health Week

22 April 2020 | 12:41 Code : 17279 News UT Response to the COVID-19 CSR/CER
UT PR: The General Office of Health and Treatment of UT announced its plans on eulogizing the Health Week.

Dr. Yousef Moghadam, Head of The General Office of Health and Treatment of UT, declared that ceremonies will be held on the Health Week under the slogan "Public Supporting of Defenders of Health" from April 20th to 26th, 2020.

He pointed out, "Due to significance and necessity of managing the Covid-19 crisis, each day of the Health Week is named specifically by Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Accordingly, April 20th is named: "The health workers and the national health family against the Corona", April 21st is labelled as: "Physicians, nurses and family of the health system vs Covid-19", April 22nd is called: "Education, research, technology and national production vs Covid-19", April 23rd is titled as: "Coordination and cooperation between sections against Covid-19", April 24th is named: "The clergy, religious administrations and faithful empathy against Covid-19", April 25th is labelled as: "People, fellow health assistants and social contribution against Covid-19", and April 26th is called: "Each media as a health-base against Covid-19". 

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