Spectrum Magazine highlighted the Manufacturing of a Ventilator by UT Researchers

05 October 2020 | 15:19 Code : 17358 News Achievements UT Response to the COVID-19
UT PR: Manufacturing a portable ventilator by UT researchers received enormous attention in Spectrum Magazine , a credible international journals.

AThe news of success of Dr. Hadi Moradi and Dr. Seyed Kamalodin Setarehdan, who are among top researchers of UT School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in manufacturing a portable inexpensive ventilator was reflected in Spectrum Magazine early this year and this news has also been published in IEEE Institute magazine.

It is worthy to mention that IEEE, with over 420.000 members, is one of the greatest international associations and it presents around 30% of all published researches on electronic, telecommunication and computer engineering.

The portable ventilator is a simple automatic pulmotor that helps Covid-19 patients to receive the desired amount of oxygen within a fixed speed.

This simple and inexpensive machine has managed to fulfill the requirements of local communities and it has been useful in saving lives of Covid-19 patients.  

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