UT Vice-President of Research Announced:

Special Measures Taken by UT in Regard to the Covid-19 Pandemic

14 April 2020 | 21:30 Code : 17245 News UT Response to the COVID-19 CSR/CER
UT PR: UT Vice-President of Research elaborated on especial measures taken by UT in regard to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Special Measures Taken by UT in Regard to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dr. Rahimian, UT Vice-President of Research, elaborated on detailed steps taken concerning the Covid-19 and stated, "UT is prepared to offer all its research potentials and laboratory capacities in this regard and we hope to achieve and execute more effective solutions to control and treat the pandemic in the right time with cooperation of the country's Academic Network of Experts." UT Vice-President of Research mentioned the following significant actions of UT in regard to the pandemic: manufacturing inexpensive artificial respiration resuscitator and releasing its design to the public for free production in the country, assembling a system of vocal screening for Covid-19 patients based on individuals' manner of coughing, developing the system of pursuing Covid-19 patients at home and designing the integrated national substructure of processing and diagnosing Covid-19. 

He also pointed out, "Apart from the mentioned actions, the following measures have been taken by UT: formation of specialized and scientific working-groups, diagnosing and encountering the Covid-19 via biophysical approaches, sensors and diagnosing kits, presentation of treating methods and production of vaccine, smart systems and data analysis, formation of counselling working-group of social affairs during the Covid-19 pandemic and also assembling the counselling cluster of macroeconomics during the pandemic to investigate and present solutions concerning various aspects of this crisis with participation of experts and adepts of UT and Tehran University of Medical Sciences." Dr. Rahimian, in the end, referred to the specialized sessions of UT working-group of social affairs and asserted, "Such sessions were aimed at studying the social consequences of the Corona outbreak in Iran and discussing approaches to encounter it." 

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