Design and Manufacture of Covid-19 Diagnostic Kits in the Science and Technology Park of UT

02 May 2020 | 16:24 Code : 17288 News Achievements UT Response to the COVID-19
UT PR: Liojen Farmad Co., located in the Science and Technology Park, managed to design and manufacture Covid-19 diagnostic kits.

According to the Science and Technology Park of UT, Liojen Farmad Co. designed and developed Covid-19 diagnostic kits based on PCR method following the outbreak of Corona in the country.

These kits are delivered to the Pasteur Institute of Iran and they are currently under the final investigation and evaluation. In a time-saving process, the Covid-19 diagnostic kits are able to study three related genes to the virus simultaneously in a tube.

In 2015, Liojen Farmad Co. reconsidered its policies and entered the field of quality control of biotechnological medicine. This company currently produces kits in the field of biotechnology.

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