Faculty of Commerce and Finance


Faculty of Commerce and Finance was established in the Winter of 2022. It was designed and built with the vision of becoming a role model for the modern faculties of new-generation in Iran and the world. As a demand-oriented and responsive faculty, it has been established with the purpose of providing high-quality, cutting-edge knowledge adapted to the needs of companies, organizations, and the society. Its aim is to become a world-class faculty, fit to the needs of market, industry, and the society.
The Knowledge Triangle with three vertices of Education, Research, and innovation comprises the underlying foundation for the development of the faculty. The main areas of focus include technology, innovation, educations, research, and entrepreneurship.
The faculty visions are to become an international hub of knowledge creation and knowledge sharing in areas of commerce and finance by the year 2032 and to create unique value in areas of technology, innovation, research, education, and entrepreneurship in commerce and finance at an international level.

Some of the faculties missions comprise:

  • Teaching valuable courses with a practical approach in areas of commerce and finance at an international level.
  • Use of lab-based education in teaching courses with the aim of connecting theory with practice.
  • Design and conduct of high-quality research through direct collaboration among distinguished scholars in Iran and around the world and with the use of cutting-edge research technologies and laboratories.
  • Establishment of Fintech Park of Science and Technology with the aim of bringing together start-ups and companies to create unique values for the Iranian society and the whole world in a sustainable manner.

The core values of the faculty include:

  • Commitment to fulfill the goal of establishing an entrepreneurial faculty.
  • Moving towards a socially responsible and responsive faculty.
  • Creating interaction with key stakeholders both inside the university including faculty, staff, and students and outside of that, including, the government, industry, media, citizens, and the society.
  • Commitment to high-quality, ethical, and scientific standards of education, research, and innovation.