Faculty of Psychology and Education



Since its founding in 1965, the faculty of psychology and Education has been training professionals to create environments in which teaching can transform lives. In 1969, it has focused on developing Psychology and Educational Sciences.

Today, over 50 faculty members guide nearly 1500 students in B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. programs in psychology and education, and currently is involved in research and providing training in professional development and executive outreach programs to thousands of teachers, administrators, and educational leaders across the nation.



"Earning the first position of scientific, educational, research and professional services among the Faculties of Psychology and education in the region".



  • Policy making and planning for developing the educational, research and professional services in psychology and education
  • Capacity Building for increasing the related scientific and research achievements to address the needs of the society/ the social needs.
  • Standardizing the educational and research activities of faculty
  • Coordinating among strategic, human resource and financial planning
  • Planning to act effectively at the university and educational-professional organizations.


Core Values

  • Islamic monotheistic ideology: Institutionalization of the Islamic monotheistic ideology in all academic processes.
  • Human dignity: Creating an appropriate atmosphere for respecting the human dignity and the academic freedom.
  • Professional ethics: Institutionalization of the professional ethics in all academic activities
  • Team working and responsibility: Improving the willingness welcome teamwork, collaboration and accountability among all stakeholders.
  • Scientific authority: Acquiring the scientific authority at the national and international levels
  • Learning and knowledge creation: Interacting with all organizations effectively for academic development and new knowledge creation.
  • Service: Paying attention to the role of education in personal, family and social life.


Objectives and Present Status

  • Promoting science and knowledge in Psychology and Education through national and international co-operations
  • Achieving short, medium and long-term goals regarding to the university development vision and also the mission of the university of Tehran
  • Promoting and controlling the educational quality through enabling the departments, evaluating Performance, using new technology, and exchanging views about the student's problems.
  • Attracting and educating the top students in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs as a foundation for academic and life success
  • Creating a Safe Learning Environment for students and faculty
  • Developing the qualitative status of the disciplines through the current curriculum review and creating new interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary disciplines
  • Promoting the industrial-academic and government related research projects
  • Promoting corporation and organization efficiency and productivity by offering appropriate educational programs and services to the other organizations
  • Developing new and current curriculum with new teaching style (e.g./virtual education and augmentative education).



The faculty has six departments:

  • Psychology
  • Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education
  • Educational Administration and Planning
  • Psychology and Education of Exceptional Children
  • Educational Psychology and Counseling
  • Curriculum Development and Instruction Methods