An international student from Iraq

06 February 2023 | 11:38 Code : 32887 News

An international student  from Iraq

I'm Basim Shihmani, from Iraq. I was accepted to study PhD in the field of pharmacology, at University of Tehran, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.  I studied ten unit credits  in pharmacology science, then went to the researching stage . So far I have published one paper entitled, “The immunomodulatory effect of minocycline on gene expression of inflammation related cytokines in lipopolysaccharide-treated human peripheral blood mononuclear cells in an international Journal and now working  to  publish the second paper with the support of the academic staff and coworkers in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

I have been here in Iran since four years ago, but only for a  short  period of time I went back to my country because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and then came backe again to Tehran after that period ending to start practical working in laboratories of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with my teachers and friends to complete  experiments.

Teachers , scholars and  workers in University  of Tehran and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine have been  so kind to me . They have taken care after me  so much and helping me even in the normal life on language, shopping, etc and considering me as one of Iranians and not like a foreigner coming from another country. At the same time they have been  so serious in study and classes and have  insisted to give me rich scientific information. I want to express my thanks to  them especially in pharmacology and immunology departments in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

In addition, I would   like to state that  Iran is a beautiful country, has beautiful cities with the amazing nature, sea, mountains, forests, weather, and one can see four true seasons in a year at the same time.  Iran has a lot of touristic attractions in Tehran and other cities as well  and through this duration of study I could visit a lot of cities, for example Mashhad , Esfahan, Rasht , Kish Island, Qom, Shiraz and other places.  I could also see a lot of religious, cultural and historical attractive places.

As I noticed the  Iranian people love their country so much. Iranian people have nice characters and  attributes such as kindness, love, respect, helping other  people  and cooperation.

They have many occasions and ceremonies related to their culture and history such as  Nowruz Festival at the beginning of the spring season. Yelda night  and Charshanbeh Sori are celeberated there . They are special cultural heritages of Iran.

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