Karrar Alkhafaji- PHD in Molecular Virology

26 November 2022 | 14:03 Code : 31559 News

Studying and learning are always more difficult, especially if you want to complete the scientific process in a country that is different from your own in terms of language and culture. International education is one of the most critical elements of success that can contribute to creating a Multi-party Success Story for people who choose to have success in dealing with life's challenges at all levels.

When I decided to study in Iran, that decision was difficult, and I did not have any knowledge of this country, but by communicating via e-mail with professors at the University of Tehran, Department of Microbiology, as well as Iranian students, I found positive interaction from them and also a desire to receive foreign students to study in this specialty.

I began the journey of collecting information about the conditions of application, the necessary tests and papers, and the deadlines for applying. Then I began preparing the documents needed to join the study program. Most institutions required certified and translated copies of my academic grades from the years I studied for my bachelor's and master's degrees. These were the basic documents needed to apply.

Not more than a month after sending the required documents to the university via e-mail, I received a message of hope from the university via e-mail informing me that a date had been set for a personal interview in the building of the College of Science, Department of Microbiology, for a Ph.D. program study. In advance of conducting the interview, I read and found that Iran is considered one of the developed countries in the field of microbiology. This is because it is considered one of the ten most significant countries in the world in this specialization. The professors in this department are world-class, and the scientific laboratories are well-equipped and advanced, which removed my fear of starting my Ph.D. program here. It is a beautiful dream that I hope to achieve in any way I can.

In addition to studying in Iran, I was very surprised by the remarkable diversity of Iranian society. In Iran, you can meet people from all over the world. All races and cultures exist in Iran. I met many friends from all parts of the world, Chinese, Europeans, Mauritanians, Saudis, Lebanese, Africans, Afghans, and others.

Studying in Iran is also completely different from studying in our Arab countries. The study is characterized by its attention to practical and applied aspects.

In Iranian universities, the geographical and natural diversity of the country has had a significant impact on university life. When you choose Iran as a country to study, you will live in a country of four seasons and in a country of picturesque forests and mountains. It helps the student to grow and strengthen his or her personality in these areas.

People often ask me how I found Iran as an option for completing my studies. I answer that it is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in this historical country. It is a country that combines the culture of the West with the culture of the East, history with the present, nature, and technology.

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