Yan Hua Liu: Iran and China have independent and hardworking women/ English version should be added in virtual classes

13 December 2020 | 17:37 Code : 30442 Lived Experience
One of the most effective solutions for scientific and cultural exchanges between countries is the presence of international students in universities; Students with customs, traditions, culture and social backgrounds different from other countries who can be messengers of peace and friendship and communication between nations in addition to education, promotion and development of scientific fields.


The University of Tehran, emphasizing the development of international relations and scientific diplomacy, has always given a special place to the presence and activities of international students. For this reason, Hedieh Mirzaei, the public relations expert of the university, in a series of conversations with these students, investigated their concerns and the opportunities and challenges of studying international students at the University of Tehran.

Yan Hua Liu (Fionalio), an international student of University of Tehran, from China, has been living in Iran for four years, and according to himself, he really likes life in this country. This student completed his undergraduate course in 2013 and came to Iran in 1396 to learn Persian language and in 2017 he was able to obtain a Persian language diploma from the International Center for Persian Studies and Dehkhoda Encyclopedia Institute  of University of Tehran.
In October 2019, he was admitted to University of Tehran's Faculty of World Studies and is currently a master's student in the field of Iranian Studies.
The international student of Tehran University, stating that she has worked in Iran for three years, she wanted to know more about Iran and Iranian culture, so she chose University of Tehran as her place of study. Based on this, in June 2019, she submitted her application to the Faculty of World Studies, which was accepted.
This student, because she was able to learn Persian language during her stay in Iran and found many Iranian friends, her education was somewhat easy for her.
Yan Hua Liu described the professors of University of Tehran as excellent, patient and good, and she listed the advantages of studying in this university as having a suitable dormitory environment and reasonable costs, but she said that sometimes, the professors are strict and the lessons are difficult, which faces her with some challenges.


She went on to say that she is interested in her field of study, i.e. Iranian studies, and that she mostly studies and researches in fields such as Iranian politics, Iranian economy, and Islamic culture. At first, she believed that discussions in the field of Islam are interesting and special, but then the topic of Iran's politics and China-Iran relations has attracted the attention of this student.
The student of the Faculty of World Studies explained about group work and communication and interaction with other international students as well as Iranian students: "I am familiar  with a number of international students who study at University of Tehran”.
There are some students from Germany, Syria and Turkey in the dormitory, although I don't know much about them, but I have close Iranian friends who are studying in different colleges. Interaction with others and cooperation in work and study is very important. I am the manager of a Chinese company and I know that teamwork and group wisdom are necessary to achieve success."

Saying that she is interested in international relations and international politics, Yan Hua Liu has chosen the subject of her thesis on China-Iran relations. From this student's point of view, the relationship between China and Iran is very special, because both countries have a long history and civilization, and the relationship between these two countries is important for the emergence of China in the Middle East and the development of Iran.
This international student of University of Tehran participated in the international forum organized by the Faculty of World Studies in 2019, which was very surprising for her.
Also, stating that there are many opportunities to participate in university associations, sometimes she attends these associations virtually.
The student of the Faculty of World Studies spoke about Iranian culture and said that she has no problem with Persian language and Islamic culture, and before coming to Iran, she had knowledge and did research in the fields of Islamic culture and Iranian culture.
She describes Iran as her second hometown, so she enjoys living in this country. She likes Persian poetry, especially the poems of "Saadi", a famous Iranian poet, and she says that since she writes poetry, so when she reads the poems of Saadi and other Persian poets, she completely falls in love with Iranian culture. With a whisper, she recites the poem (O Roy Tu Rahat Del Man / Cheshme Tu Chirag Menzel Man) by Saadi and believes that this is the best poem.
In order to improve educational conditions, Yan Hua Liu requests the authorities of University of Tehran to add an English version to the system of virtual classes. It also emphasizes that some employees should become more familiar with their duties and work so that affairs and processes can be done better.

In another part of this conversation, she introduced her professors and said: "Before introducing my professors, I want to express my utmost respect and gratitude to them. Dr. Samii, Dr. Mohseni, Dr. Sabbar, Dr. Ahmadian and Dr. Moshirzadeh are all excellent, knowledgeable, patient and kind professors. In China, I have also met very kind and good professors, such as Dr. Zhao, who helped me a lot in my studies and always encouraged me."
The student of the Faculty of World Studies explained about the position of Farsi language study and Iranology in China that in this country, some famous universities such as Beijing University of Foreign Studies and Shanghai University of Foreign Studies have Persian language education and in Southwest University and Ningxia University, the Iranian studies are also taught.
The international student of University of Tehran, also referring to the influential role of women in the society, described the women of Iran and China as independent and hardworking, whose presence in the society is constantly increasing, but she considered the ratio of women's participation in these two societies to be different and she said that in Iran only 16% of women are active in society, while in China 80% of women work in companies and factories.
 From her point of view, there are more restrictions for Iranian women, and she explains one of the restrictions in the way that in China, when a woman gets her passport, she can go abroad without the permission of her father or husband, but this approach does not exist in Iran. .
At the end of this conversation, Yan Hua Liu said: "University of Tehran is one of the top universities in the world because of its distinguished professors. I am proud to study in this university and I really like University of Tehran and the country of Iran.


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