At University of Tehran: Fuel Supplements Was Produced by Plastic Waste Through Pyrolysis Process

11 November 2021 | 22:14 Code : 23517 News Achievements
UT PR: The production of fuel supplements from plastic wastes through the pyrolysis process was a research project supervised by Dr. Majid Saeedi, the Assistant Professor at School of Chemistry in UT Faculty of Science, successfully conducted with the cooperation of Maryam Safarpour, a Ph.D. student in Applied Chemistry at UT Alborz Campus.

“Extensive production of plastic materials not only depletes the resources of raw materials, but also causes more environmental pollution;" Dr. Saeedi remarked in an interview with TU Public Relations, "therefore, in order to protect the environment and provide a solution for the global issue of plastic wastes, we implemented the process of catalytic/non-catalytic pyrolysis in this research project. Hopefully, the successful conduction of this research on the laboratory scale offers a significant prospect for reducing the disposal of plastic wastes and contributes to the recycling of raw materials."

Besides, Dr. Saeedi clarified that in addition to the simplicity of the process and the low expenses, the proposed research project offers a way out of many environmental issues and bears great potential for attracting financial support.

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