A Collaborative UT Research Project Resulted in Producing the First Sample of Thick Human Skin Tissue with High Elasticity in Iran

06 November 2021 | 21:02 Code : 23275 News Achievements
UT PR: A research team present at the School of Mechanical Engineering in UT College of Engineering successfully produced biological scaffolds for tissue engineering and human skin application after four years of ongoing research.

This research project is a UT Ph.D. Dissertation by Dr. Najafi-Sani in collaboration with the Pasteur Institute of Iran and the Professors at University of Strasbourg in France.

“Due to the proposed technology, it is possible to make tissue fibers with straight, simple zigzag, branched zigzags, straight dendritic and other structures.” Clarified Dr. Bani-Asadi, one of the supervisors of this project, “Producing these variant types of fiber is an achievement made possible due to great efforts and relatively high costs, thereby proving the high capability of this new method with the hopeful prospect that in near future, it will be one of the main scaffolding production methods in the world.”

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