At UT IBB, Intelligent Nano-Carriers Were Synthesized for Accurate Targeting of Ovarian Cancer Cells

05 November 2021 | 01:42 Code : 23223 News Achievements
UT PR: In her dissertation, Somayeh Gharaghoumi, Ph.D. student at UT Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, synthesized intelligent nano-carriers for accurate targeting of ovarian cancer cells.

In this research conducted as a Ph.D. dissertation by Somayeh Gharaghoumi on "The Study of the Simultaneous Effects of hTERT siRNA and Wortmannin-Loaded Nano-Carriers on Inhibition of Telomerase Gene Expression in the Ovarian SKOV-3 Cell Line" in the electron microscope laboratory of UT Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, and in collaboration with Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, the growth and proliferation of these cancer cells decreased dramatically.

The purpose of this research was to avoid the currently widespread side effects of chemotherapy methods in patients undergoing treatment. It is believed that the ability to target cancer cells accurately can reduce those side effects of chemotherapy and lead to a significant increase in the survival rate of patients undergoing treatment.

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