As the Result of a Ph.D. Project at UT Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, MS was Successfully Treated in Mouse Model

03 November 2021 | 22:26 Code : 23193 News Achievements
UT PR: Dr. Mahsa Shahbakhsh, the UT Ph.D. student of Parasitology, defended her dissertation on "Evaluating the Effect of Recombinant Lectin Protein Type C from a Category of Parasites Named Toxocara Canis for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in a Mouse Model (EAE)".

Dr. Shakbaklsh clarified that in this study, the mouse model was examined with regard to the immunological and histopathological factors, besides the clinical symptoms.

It is also the first time in the world that the recombinant lectin type C has been selected as a treatment candidate for the experimental model of Multiple Sclerosis.

“Currently, another study is being conducted in the Parasitology Department at UT Faculty of Veterinary Medicine which experiments with the biocompatibility of this protein;” Dr. Shahbakhsh added, concerning the effectiveness of these results on human subjects, “therefore, extensive investments are required for conducting comprehensive clinical trials of this protein in humans.”

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