The English Language and Literature Department at UT Kish International Campus Holds a Series of International Webinars

02 November 2021 | 22:50 Code : 23144 News
UT PR: UT Kish International Campus holds a series of webinars on culture and foreign language teaching in collaboration with the Department of English Language and Literature at UT Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

The English Language and Literature Departments at both UT Kish International Campus and UT Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures present a joint series of international online webinars on “Culture, Politics, and Identity in Teaching Foreign Languages” with the aim of providing a platform for Iranian professors and students to interact with prominent international experts.

These webinars will begin on November 10th, 2021, with a presentation by Dr. David Nunan from the University of Hong Kong, and will proceed till January 12th, 2022, with multiple presentations by lectures from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Korea, Denmark, and Iran.

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