UT Science and Technology Park Designs and Produces Pioneering Devices for Petroleum Industry

06 October 2021 | 19:52 Code : 21897 News Achievements
UT PR: Based in the UT Science and Technology Park, Sanat-Noavaran-Pishgam Co., Ltd. has successfully designed and produced several pioneering devices for the petroleum industry and subsidiary oil companies in Iran.

Mr. Soheil Matinitabar, Managing Director of SNPCO, indicated: “The Company was founded in 2001 and moved its headquarters to the UT Science and Technology Park in 2016. SNPCO has been a pioneer in producing several technologically advanced devices for the petroleum industry.”

The method employed by the SNPCO engineers is a combination of reverse engineering and designing from scratch. Among the technologies developed by SNPCO are a device for controlling static electricity in oil storage facilities to prevent accidental ignition, explosion-proof solenoid valves, turbine flow meters, and explosion-proof transmitter systems. SNPCO has additionally used services offered by intermediary companies to export its products to oil corporations bordered by the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

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