Researchers at UT Science and Technology Park Develop Payment Facilitator, Business Development Services

20 September 2021 | 23:38 Code : 21044 News Achievements
UT PR: Zibal Company, based in the UT Science and Technology Park, is one of the top five software companies in Iran to design and develop a payment facilitator platform and other business development services.

In a report prepared by the UT Science and Technology Park, Mr. Mohammad Mahdi Fatemian, CEO of Zibal Company, explains that their team commenced their activity in 2017 and formed fledgling ideas about a series of services related to point of sale card readers.

According to Mr. Fatemian, during the coronavirus pandemic, a great number of old-fashioned businesses turned to online sales and social media and website marketing.

In light of these events, Zibal Company can facilitate payment transactions, expedite delivery of services, and minimize financial costs. 

Referring to the statistics released by Shaparak Company, Mr. Fatemian further states that during the coronavirus pandemic, the popularity of internet payment gateways has grown by almost one hundred percent.

Apart from larger companies, many home-based businesses have turned to e-commerce and taken a special interest in internet payment gateways. 

Mr. Fatemian also notes that the support provided by the UT Science and Technology Park has been instrumental in the progress and success of Zibal Company.

In addition to providing a productive environment for development, the UT Science and Technology Park has offered assistance with respect to tax exemption, which is an invaluable help to fledgling companies at the beginning of their journey. 

Mr. Fatemian concludes the interview by adverting to the significance of market needs assessment and analysis and membership in science and technology parks and incubation centers.

He advises companies to continue to improve and develop their current product instead of introducing new ones, even if it does not prove to be a financial success at first. In other words, Mr. Fatemian recommends product focus rather than product variety. 

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