Software for Flow Meter Development Programmed by Affiliate of UT Science and Technology Park

07 September 2021 | 18:29 Code : 20328 News Achievements
UT PR: Abzar Control Arshia Company, based in the UT Science and Technology Park, has designed a software for flow meter development and equipped a calibration laboratory under the supervision of Iran National Standards Organization.

In a report prepared by the UT Science and Technology Park, Mr. Gholamreza Fathi, CEO of Abzar Control Arshia Company, also known as Arshia Instrument Control Company, explains that the primary product focus of the company is measuring instruments, particularly, tools for liquid flow measurement in industrial production lines.

According to Mr. Fathi, the flow measurement category has various subcategories, and Abzar Control Arshia Company has developed an orientation towards rotameters and flow meters that operate based on differential pressure, for instance, Annubar and Orifice. 

Mr. Fathi also noted that the support provided by the UT Science and Technology Park has been instrumental in the progress and success of the company.

Apart from providing a productive environment for growth, the UT Science and Technology Park has offered assistance with respect to such financial matters as sponsorship attraction and tax exemption. 

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