UT-Designed Drones Put into Operation for Remote Monitoring at Customs / Hybrid Drones Developed by UT Engineers Launched

23 August 2021 | 20:19 Code : 19738 News Achievements
UT PR: UT-designed drones have been put into operation for remote monitoring at customs. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones for cargo monitoring at customs is the successful outcome of an applied research project conducted at the University of Tehran. The project was put into operation under the title of the National-Scale Project of Smart Systems Technology at IRI Customs.

According to the report, the executor of the project, the development of a fast and automated detection and analysis of illicit trade has always been one of the challenges of the customs.

The use of advanced drones accompanied by artificial intelligence proves to be an effective solution to the foregoing issue by providing efficient inspection and analysis of imported and exported commercial goods. 

UT researchers developed a bird-like flock of autonomous hybrid drones that run on electricity and gas. The mother drone built by UT engineers can fly for up to 4 hours and communicate with the other drones on a mission. It can also collect and transmit data to a base station. 

It merits noting that the launch event of this national-scale project was held on August 2, with Dr. Sorena Sattari, Vice-President for Science and Technology Affairs, and Dr. Mahdi Mirashrafi, Deputy Minister and Chief Commissioner for IRI Customs Administration, in attendance.

Dr. Mohammad Rahimian, UT Vice President for Research, Dr. Mahdi Pourfath, President of the UT Applied Research Center, and a number of government officials were also among the dignitaries who attended the launch event. 

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