Smart Plant Factory, Portable Greenhouse Built at UT Science and Technology Park

11 August 2021 | 12:41 Code : 19408 News Achievements
UT PR: Rah Rouyesh Rad Company, based in the UT Science and Technology Park, has successfully built a smart plant factory and portable greenhouse.

According to Dr. Elaheh Akbarnezhad, CEO of Rah Rouyesh Rad Company, the company commenced its activity in smart agricultural equipment design and manufacture in 2019 and became an affiliate of the UT Science and Technology Park in 2020.

Rah Rouyesh Rad Company has a team comprised of UT faculty members and graduates, who work towards the localization and implementation of agricultural projects for domestic and industrial applications. 

Dr. Akbarnezhad further explained that their new Smart Portable Greenhouse is a plant factory equipped with the Internet of Things (IoT) and vertical farming technology. Occupying 2 square meters, the Smart Portable Greenhouse has 3 tiers and holds 6 trays. It is equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor, which can significantly optimize plant growth.

The light sensors, which are devised to regulate the plant’s light intake by providing gradated artificial light, and the automatic cooling/heating/watering system make for a smart greenhouse that can complete a full cycle automatically.

The Smart Portable Greenhouse also features a cloud-based control center allowing growers to remotely monitor and modify their greenhouse environment. 

Dr. Akbarnezhad also noted that collaboration with the UT Science and Technology Park has significantly helped their company to tackle the obstacles and meet the challenges that business ventures can face.

Dr. Akbarnezhad pointed out that in addition to providing office space, the UT Science and Technology Park has provided substantial help with such financial matters as sponsorship attraction and tax exemption. 

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