UT Representatives Meet with Deputy Head of the Guinean Parliament

09 August 2021 | 13:17 Code : 19318 News
UT PR: A delegation of UT representatives met with the Deputy Head of the Guinean Parliament with a view to increase entrepreneurial collaboration between Iran and Guinea.
UT Representatives Meet with Deputy Head of the Guinean Parliament

Arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the meeting took place during the Deputy’s visit to Iran to attend the new Iranian Presidential inauguration ceremony held on August 5, 2021.  Mr. Abdolmajid Eskandari, Director General of UT Office of International Relations, Dr. Reza Mohammad Kazemi, Advisor to the Dean of UT Faculty of Entrepreneurship for International Affairs, and Dr. Ayatollah Momayez, Professor at UT Faculty of Entrepreneurship, participated in this meeting as representatives of the University of Tehran.

Among the points discussed at this meeting were: offering altruistic services and deploying medical specialists to Guinea, establishing hospitals, setting up entrepreneurial centers for women’s affairs, smart farming, industries and mines, tackling the effects of natural calamities, tourism and the Internet of things.  

UT’s collaboration consisted in offering to transfer technical knowledge as a way to curb raw exports, preparing the ground for establishing a school of entrepreneurship in Guinea, deploying Iranian professors to Guinea and admitting Guinean students to promote entrepreneurial culture among Guinean students, founding knowledge-based companies, setting up building cooperatives, and offering technical and engineering services.

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