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The Environment Should Be a Priority for the University of Tehran

23 July 2021 | 15:25 Code : 18729 News
UT PR: At the ceremony of honoring Dr. Ardestani, the former Dean of the School of Environment, and introducing Dr. Mehrdadi, the new Dean of the School, the Dean of the College of Engineering said environment should be a priority for the University of Tehran.

At this ceremony, Dr. Soltani, the Dean of the College of Engineering, referred to the position and importance of the School of Environment and said: "The issue of the environment is the first issue in the world; however, in Iran, this issue is still not at a forefront, while it should be a priority, at least in the academic scope."

"These issues are associated with a better practice for the administration of the state,” remarked the Dean of the college, with regard to the recent effort at the School of Environment “therefore, training capable students and performing applied research in this field may include a national perspective, which hopefully will develop in the new period".

In another section of the ceremony, Dr. Ardestani, the former Dean of the School of Environment, reported the most important practices in the previous period, pointing out the implementation of new disciplines including "accident engineering", "environmental systems engineering," and "environmental design", and also implementation of green management, energy management, and waste segregation and management in the university, as well as holding several national and international conferences, concluding educational-research memorandums with environmental institutions and organizations, and applying for a certificate of Accredited Laboratory from the Department of Environment.

Dr. Mehrdadi, the new Dean of the School of Environment, also referred to the most important headlines of his programs, including efforts for achieving real internationalization, improving the quality of educational programs, producing technical knowledge to deal with environmental crises, establishing innovation centers, corresponding with environmental policymakers, and enhancing the interactions for holding joint programs with other academic units. He hopefully demanded the university and the faculty to provide more support for the School of Environment in this regard.

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