UT President Calls for Iran Presidential Candidates to Capitalize on University Knowledge Clusters/Announces Plans for Intercollegiate Seminars to Exchange Views on COVID-19

13 June 2021 | 17:57 Code : 17422 News UT Response to the COVID-19
UT PR: In the 32nd convention of the presidents of leading universities in Iran, Dr. Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabadi, President of UT, addressed Iran’s upcoming elections as “a consequential event” on account of their impact on the development and flourishing of the country. He expressed hope for broad voter turnout in the elections.

Underscoring the remarkable contributions of 13 Iranian universities to organizing knowledge clusters around academic institutions, Dr. Nili additionally highlighted the significance of the research outputs implemented in these organizations. As he remarked, aside from initiating debates on the world’s current affairs, knowledge clusters have provided assistance to executive and legislative bodies in various areas. Dr. Nili expressed hope that scholars and experts who have worked on establishing these knowledge clusters will be able to meet with the presidential candidates.

Another point underscored by Dr. Nili was COVID-19 vaccination for university students, which is expected to accelerate the process of students’ return to in-person classrooms. Dr. Nili also elaborated on the educational experiences gained in the times of the pandemic, particularly in the area of e-learning. He emphasized the necessity of capitalizing on these experiences so as to enhance public access to university resources.

Dr. Nili also remarked that contrary to expectations, trends in remote working have not risen as dramatically as was anticipated in the early days of the pandemic. As he pointed out, many institutions are now establishing a hybrid model that combines remote and onsite work to maintain organizational culture. Dr. Nili additionally called for organizing intercollegiate seminars that would allow universities to exchange knowledge and observations to tackle issues centered on the COVID-19 pandemic.

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