UT Vice-President of Students Affairs:

The Exclusive Testing for Covid-19 and Employing Fast Diagnostic Kits Are Now Being Performed at UT Medical Laboratories. According to the Statistics/ We Have Unfortunately Lost Six Students

19 February 2021 | 02:52 Code : 17121 News UT Response to the COVID-19
UT PR: : It has been a year since the Covid-19 outbreak and UT has taken numerous measures in this regard. Vice-Presidency of Students Affairs tried to orchestrate various subsidiary offices to encounter this multi-faced virus. Since the Corona pandemic is multi-dimensional, a thought-out approach towards it requires considering various psychological, educational, physical, social and economic factors.

Leila Ahmadi, a public relations officer, elaborated on various measures that were taken in various fields of Vice-Presidency of Students Affairs in a dialogue with UT Vice-President of Students Affairs. Dr. Saeed Habiba, Vice-President of Students Affairs, referred to a year-long pandemic and asserted, "This virus has affected the whole humanity and we are left with no choice but to alter our personal and social lifestyle. Since the pandemic has influenced all educational, personal and familial fields, the students have as well faced numerous obstacles and we have even lost six students. However, the so-called problems did not forbear us from developing and making progress. The crucial affairs never stopped operating during the pandemic, neither did the educational affairs." He mentioned health evaluation and issuing health certificate for all students who had requested to reside in UT dorms as the measures taken by UT Health Center in the meantime.  He then added, "The next appropriate task is exclusive covid-19 testing which is currently being performed via cooperation with Tehran University of Medical Sciences in UT Medical Lab." 

Vice-President of Students Affairs elaborated on measures taken in the field of hygiene and added, "In the field of hygiene and therapy which is an extensive field, one of the main performed tasks since the beginning of the pandemic has been observation of academic members' journeys to various universities abroad and also monitoring foreign students' visits to Iran." In regard to broadcasting which was aimed at controlling the Covid-19 outbreak, he proclaimed, "UT Health Center emplaced numerous placards in crowded locations of faculties and Pardis Campuses and distributed hundreds of informative brochures in dormitories and administrational buildings. Various messages were also transmitted via automation system and email to the staff."

Dr. Habiba accentuated that, "we managed to assemble hygiene protocols through holding specialized meetings with adepts, managers, physicians and clinical officials and the results were welcomed by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. As the Covid-19 pandemic commenced, disinfectants and thermometers were given out to the crowded units of UT to balance the psychological atmosphere to a certain extent."  A team, which consisted of 40 liaison medical officers of units, faculties and administrations of UT, was formed to ensure full implementation of measures concerning the pandemic. The dorms, administrations and educational spaces were disinfected completely in three cycles. Strict hygiene protocols were also meticulously applied during the B.A., M.A., Ph.D. national exams and English and Arabic language tests under the supervision of Vice-Presidency of Students Affairs.


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