University of Tehran Research Institute


Dated on 6 October 2010, on the necessity of formation and activities of academic research centers, in order to develop and have further integration of interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research activities, create a suitable ground for multilateral and effective interaction with ministries, organizations and executive bodies and different industrial and service sectors at both national and international levels, and also to grow and fulfill the knowledge-based economy, University of Tehran established the UT Research Institute. 


  • Orienting and redeveloping the research units of UT
  • Supporting UT research units to facilitate and improve the synergy of their affairs based on indexes concerned by UT Vice President for Research
  • Creating the necessary atmosphere to encourage and promote the quality of UT research units
  • Improving the collaboration between UT research units and the government and private sector in order to use the academic and research capabilities of UT to meet the national needs
  • Utilizing the human resources and equipment of UT research units to conduct interdisciplinary researches needed by the country and also commercialize their research projects
  • Having macro management of national and applied projects by using the capacities of various research units in UT
  • Supporting joint international research activities of UT research units
  • Reinforcing the links between academic elites at UT including those who are employed or retired (faculty members and staff) and UT research units, government and private sector, and also extending the necessary support to them


  • Presenting support services and legal, financial consultations and other necessary services to UT research units by preparing by-laws and necessary instructions
  • Preparing grounds for the commercialization of the researches carried out by UT research units
  • Ranking of UT research units based on indexes of the University
  • Creating connections among UT research units, centers of excellence, research offices and research work groups at national and international levels
  • Developing necessary codes of practice to redevelop and support UT research units
  • Recruiting academic researchers and elites (including employed and retired staff)
  • Creating necessary grounds for human resources of UT research units
  • Providing proposals for the creation of applied research and demand-oriented institutes and assisting their establishment
  • Extending necessary support to innovations and creativities of UT faculty members and administrative staff and offering necessary back up to their innovation, with the goal of commercialization and creation of wealth
  • Planning to engage research-oriented students of UT in coordination with various colleges and faculties

Research Centers

The following research centers have already been launched:

  1. Applied Smart Systems
  2. New Energies and Environment
  3. Space –Air and Advanced Systems
  4. Network Sciences and Information Technology
  5. Network Sciences and Bio Technology
  6. Soft Technologies
  7. Experimental Medicine
  8. Science and Qur’an
  9. Religious Studies
  10. Human Sciences
  11. Professional Ethics
  12. Iranian Cultural Applied Research
  13. Geo-informatics
  14. Policy Making and Entrepreneurship Development
  15. Shahid Alimohamadi Applied Physics
  16. Advanced Magnetic Materials
  17. Resistance Economy
  18. Industries and Systems Engineering
  19. Energy and Automotive Engineering
  20. Engineering Sciences