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The technology wave is considered as a major factor of progress in today’s world, and achieving development is promoted by the usage of technology in scientific and economical evolutions. According to the global experience, science and technology parks are well established and applied as an infrastructure and a key structure for achieving scientific and technological prosperity in different countries.

The Science and Technology Park of University of Tehran, with the goal of producing knowledge-based wealth by means of converting an idea into a product, was established in 2005 under the license of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. In line with the above-mentioned goal, the following centers were established:

  1. Idea development and futures studies center
  2. Innovation and entrepreneurship development center
  3. Incubator units center
  4. Intellectual property and commercialization center
  5. Specialized industry and entrepreneurship consultancy center
  6. Technology transfer center

The Science and Technology Park of UT is one of Asia’s most efficient and credible centers in establishing and developing knowledge-based firms. The Park is planning to increase its support of knowledge-based firms from 250 to 750 firms by implementing its first stage of physical development, which is close to five hectares.   

Teachers, researchers, students, academics, owners of projects and ideas, and knowledge-based businesses cooperate at different levels with the Science and Technology Park. Knowledge-based firms not only benefit from the Park’s services, but also have the privilege of accessing the scientific resources of the University of Tehran, suitably located in the center of the city.

Success in the design and implementation of converting an idea into knowledge-based wealth for the first time in the country, initiating more than eight professional incubator centers adjacent to various UT faculties, creating unique professional laboratory and workshop complexes in Tehran, establishing a clinic of industry with the outlook of becoming the most efficient and reliable reference in the country for resolving the industry’s professional and technical problems, active international relations, and membership at International Association of Science Park are some of the characteristics that distinguish the Science and Technology Park of the University of Tehran from other parks in the region.

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