Associate Dean of the College or Faculty for International Relations

Each affiliated unit has one faculty member as the Associate Dean of the College/Faculty for International Relations who serves as an advisor to the dean and is a contact person between Office of Vice-President, International and the related college/faculty. Associate Deans are responsible for international activities of the college/faculty and promotes the presence of foreign scholars and students at their college/faculty. Any request for cooperation and specific academic information may be obtained from these associate Deans:

Faculty/ College/ Center/ Institute Last name First name Title Email
College of Aburaihan Ebrahimi Mohsen Associate Professor iaaboatTehran.png
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Mojazi Amiri Bagher Professor iaagratTehran.png
College of Alborz Abrishami Hamid Professor abrisamiatTehran.png
College of Engineering Delavar Mahmoud Reza Associate Professor iaengatTehran.png
College of Farabi Jafari Seyed Mohammadbagher Assistant Professor iaqomatTehran.png
College of Fine Arts Mahmoodi - Bakhtiari Behrooz Associate Professor iafineatTehran.png
College of Science Yassemi Siamak Professor iasciatTehran.png
Aras International Campus Emam jomeh Zahra Professor iaarasatTehran.png
Kish International Campus Joneidi L’aya Professor iakishatTehran.png
Faculty of Economics Dehghani Firouzabadi Mohammad Hossein Assistant Professor iaecoatTehran.png
Faculty of Entrepreneurship Ziyae Babak Assistant Professor iaenterpratTehran.png
Faculty of Environment Gitipour Saeid Associate Professor iaenvatTehran.png
Faculty of Foreign Languages & Literature Sarkar Hassankhan Hossein Assistant Professor ialangatTehran.png
Faculty of Geography Amiraslani Farshad Assistant Professor iageoatTehran.png
Faculty of Information Sciences and Knowledge Studies Naghshineh Nader Assistant Professor nnaghshatTehran.png
Faculty of Law and Political Science Bagheri Mahmood Associate Professor ialawatTehran.png
Faculty of Literature and Human Science Dinmohammadi Gholam Reza Assistant Professor ialitatTehran.png
Faculty of Management Ansari Manouchehr Associate Professor iamanageatTehran.png
Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies Heshmati Zainabolhoda Assistant Professor iafnstatTehran.png
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences Rajabi Reza Professor iasportatTehran.png
Faculty of Psychology and Education Poornaghash Tehrani Saeed Associate Professor iapsychologyatTehran.png
Faculty of Social Sciences Imani Jajarmi Hossein Associate Professor iasocioatTehran.png
Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies Kermani Touba Associate Professor iatheoatTehran.png
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Akhondzadeh Basti Afshin Professor iavetatTehran.png
Faculty of World Studies Ahouei Mahdi Assistant professor iaworldatTehran.png
Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics Saboury Ali Akbar  Professor iabiochemistryatTehran.png
Institute of Geophysics Mazraeh Ei Farahani Majid Assistant Professor iageophatTehran.png
International Center for Persian Studies Darzi Ali Professor iacps-dehatTehran.png