UT Coordinators for Foreign Cooperation

To prasticize various agreements signed with foreign universities, some of the outstanding professors have been selected as the liaison person to coordinate and facilitate cooperation with foreign universities based on their academic international background and their familiarity with foreign countries. Each coordinator is in charge of a cluster of universities in one specific geographical place in the world. The existing UT coordinators include:

Last Name First Name Senior Coordinator for International Academic Cooperation with the following Countries/ Region Email
Amoabedini Ghasem German Speaking Countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) amoabediniatTehran.png
Asadi Hassan Canada hasadi66@yahoo.com
Azarshab Mohammad Ali Iraq, Middle East azarshab@gmail.com
Farhoudi javad Malaysia, Australia jfarhoudiatTehran.png
Ghamsari Seyed Mehdi japan ghamsariatTehran.png
Kamarei Mahmoud French Speaking Countries kamareiatTehran.png
Rezvantalab Mohammad Reza North African Countries (Algeria, Tunis,…) mrrezvanatTehran.png
Saboury Ali Akbar Tajikistan sabouryatTehran.png