About the Center


About the Center

SASTIW is a centre for enhancing cooperation between scientists and scholars in the Islamic world and across the globe. Furthermore, SASTIW's activities are designed to strengthen the role of scientists and academicians in Iran as well as increasing the contribution of science and technology to solve regional and global problems.

SASTIW’s history goes back to the “International Congress on the Advancement of Science and Technology in the Islamic World" which was held in Tehran in 1993. Since then, the permanent Secretariat for the Advancement of Science and Technology was jointly established at the University of Tehran by the Third World Academy of Science (TWAS), Iran's Academy of Science, and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. In October 2003, the missions and structure of SASTIW were defined by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, and in 2006, the Iranian Government approved its bylaw. SASTIW is going to hold the second “International Congress on the Advancement of Science and Technology in the Islamic World" in May 2014 at the University of Tehran.

At present, Professor Ali Akbar Moosavi-Movahedi is the secretary general of SASTIW.

SASTIW seeks to advance science and innovation as well as scientific cooperation throughout the Islamic world. To fulfill this mission, SASTIW has set the following goals:

  1. Establishing and strengthening the cooperation between scientific centers and research institutes in the Islamic world in order to advance scientific empowerment at regional as well as international levels
  2. Promoting scientific cooperation between the distinguished scholars and academicians of the Islamic world for the exchange of information, ideas and scientific findings
  3. Supporting educational and research activities by young as well as women Muslim scholars
  4. Enhancing and facilitating the technology transfer and offering researchers the opportunities to share research progress and findings
  5. Conducting research studies aimed at introducing and fostering Islamic culture, civilization and history, as well as the philosophy of science in Islam