About the Center


About the Center

The Research Center for New Technologies in Life Science Engineering (RCNTLSE) was established on the basis of the expansion of scientific research and the development of new technologies in life science engineering in the fields of Biotechnology, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Medical and Environmental Industries.

Currently, RCNTLSE has the following four departments:

  1. Biomedical Engineering (tissue engineering and artificial organs)
  2. Bioreactor and Screening Engineering (milli, micro and nano bioreactors)
  3. Enzyme and Metabolism Engineering (in medical, pharmaceutical and oil industries)
  4. Nano-Bio Engineering (in food, pharmaceutical, environmental and medical industries and safety of nano particles)

Research fields of the Center include: Application of biofunctional nano particles in separation and purification procedures; Production procedures of nano drugs; Bio safety of nano particles; Design, construction and application of bioreactors (milli, micro and nano bioreactors); Tissue engineering (tissue production of animal cells); Application of nano-bio in oil and bio industries; Artificial organs (artificial lung ,liver and kidney); Application of enzyme in gaseous phase; Simulation, modeling and automation of biological systems; and Related processes to cellular metabolism.