• Research Affairs and Projects

Some of the researches carried out by the Institute that were commissioned by other organizations and ministries include:

  • Reconstruction of Iranian economy after the war with a view to the experience of West Germany, 1978, Office of Deputy for Research and Planning, University of Tehran
  • A study on the effects of economic balance policies on culture, 1991, Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance
  • Studies of estimation of productivity for various governmental and non-governmental capital formation in Iranian agriculture, 1997, Center for Agriculture Economy and Planning Studies
  • A study on the condition of Iran’s support to the agricultural sector, 1988, Institute for Agricultural Economy and Planning Researches, Ministry of Agriculture
  • The effects of monetary and financial policies on the industry sector, 2002, Ministry of Industries and Mines
  • Market, government and plan, 2002, Higher Institute for Education and Research of Management and Planning
  • Presenting the model of privatization and determining the priorities of the sub-sectors of rail transportation for transference, 2003, Center for Researches of Railway
  • Measuring and analyzing the degree of economic development of cities in Iran, 2007, Organization of Roads Maintenance and Road Transportation
  • A study and compilation of the goals and objectives of the financial policies of the National Company for Drilling, 2008, National Company for Drilling
  • Identification and prioritization of innovative economic sectors in the Iranian economy, 2009, Administrative Headquarters of Imam Khomeini Commandments
  • Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance:
    • Measuring the economic and social impacts of unemployment insurance in Iran, 1991
    • Introducing the mechanisms for financial supply of small and medium sized enterprises, 2008
    • Analysis of the effect of economic macro policies on the regional economic growth, 2008
    • Generating a political package to reduce the dilemma of housing in the country, 2008
    • Developing the indices of justice-oriented development, 2008
    • Supportive studies on Iran’s “purposeful subsidies” project and its effects in real economic sectors, 2009
    • Supportive studies on Iran’s “economic transformation in customs” project, 2009
    • Amendment of the financial and computational management systems of the government, 2009,
    • Management of the consumption and resources of foreign exchange currencies and the study of its effects on national economy, 2009
    • Economic transformation plan with an emphasis on purposeful subsidies, 2011
    • Reviewing the governmental accounting directives with a committed accounting approach, 2011

• Educational Affairs

Some of the activities of the Institute in this area are as follows:

  • Organizing educational workshops and applied courses on more than 36 economic and commercial subjects
  • Holding the First Nationwide Conference on Economics on November 2010
  • 5th Conference on Financial and Tax Policies of the Country
  • 6th Festival of Superior Financial and Tax Researches
  • 6th Conference on Iranian Tax Policies
  • Conference on National Economy, Support of National Labor and Capital