Research Orientation and Major Projects

Research Orientation and Major Projects

The four research centers and institutes affiliated to this Faculty are involved in a wide range of basic and applied research programs in the areas of International Law and Organization, Peace Studies, Regional Studies, Crime Related Problems, Comparative Cross-National Studies of the Diverse Legal System, Human Rights and other crucial world problems and issues of national priority.

•  Completed Projects

Some of the completed projects include:

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  2. Government and International Commercial Contracts
  3. Comparative Study on the Liability of Maritime Career in Iranian Law and International Conventions
  4. Ideology and Strategy in Iranian Foreign Policy
  5. Science and Experience in Justice
  6. The Position of Expert’s Advice Among Evidences
  7. Oil and Gas Lines in Caspian Sea and Caucasia
  8. Marriage and Divorce in Iranian Law
  9. Possible Reasons for Future Wars in the Middle East
  10. Function of Religion in Regional Struggles

•  Current Projects

  1. Political Fiqh Encyclopedia
  2. The Function of Intellectual Property Rights in Privatization
  3. Survey on Mini-trail in UK Law