Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence and Philosophy


Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence and Philosophy

The Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence (fiqh) and Philosophy was established in order to train researchers in specialized Islamic studies including Tradition (hadith) and Quranic Sciences, Islamic Jurisprudence (fiqh), and Islamic Law and Philosophical Studies. The Faculty aims to train scholars for foreign research centers focusing on cultural studies; train experts on legal and judicial issues; provide the necessary facilities for people interested in studying Islamic knowledge and science; and attract and train international students wishing to pursue Islamic studies. The Faculty also carries out research in fields which are important in today’s modern world. Currently, students are admitted to various programs at the B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. levels, as listed in the table below.

Departments and Degrees

  • Theology and Islamic Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Arabic Language and Literature

Research Orientations and Projects

  1. Radical interpretation: a theory of meaning (Mohammad Zakeri)
  2. From philosophical comprehension to theosophical intuition (S. Mohammad Dibaji)
  3. Religious uses of language (Mohammad Ali Abdollahi)
  4. The literature of subjectivity (Javad Asghari)

  5. The role of incorporated theosophy in understanding Sadraie and new-Sadraie theosophy (Yahya Kabir)
  6. The private language and the present knowledge (Mohammad Ali Abdollahi)
  7. The nature of philosophy of religion and its issues (Mohammad Mohammad Rezai)
  8. Interpretation of the chapter “Hamd” in Quran (Seyed Eshagh Hosseini Koohsari) 
  9. The meaning of prepositions in Persian language and their equivalences in Arabic language (Ali Reza Mohammad Rezaei)
  10. Rationalism and traditionalism from Sheikh Sadough’s view (Reza Berenjkar)

Future Prospects

The Faculty plans to launch programs in Religions and Gnostics, the Philosophy of Religion, the Philosophy of Ethics, Comparative Philosophy, the Psychology of Religion, Islamic History and Civilization, Abrahamic Religions and Islamic Gnostics. Furthermore, the Faculty intends to establish the Research Center for Quranic Sciences and Tradition (hadith), the Center for Dialogue Among Religions and Sects, the Community of Iranian and Arabic Translation Studies and the Center for Philosophical Research.

Major/Specialization BA MA PhD
Islamic Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law + + -
Quranic Science and Hadith + + -
Theoretical basics of Islam - - +
Western Philosophy + + -
Philosophy of Religion - + -
Arabic Language and Literature + - -
Arabic Language Translation - + -