Faculty of Management


Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Management consists of the departments of Public Management, Administrative Management and Commercial Management. The School admits students to B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. programs in areas such as “Management of Human Resources”, “Management of Information Systems”, “Organizations and Methods”, “Financial Management”, “Change Management”, “International Marketing”, and “Analysis of Information Systems”.

Research Orientations and Projects

  1. The correlation between emotional intelligence and self-actualization with respect to its role in student educational performances. (Hassan Zarei Matin)
  2. The capacity of organizational intelligence in operational organizations in Qom (Hassan Zarei Matin)
  3. Explaining the indicators of managers’ communication skills (Hassan Zarei Matin)
  4. The roots of duality in the education system of Iran (Seyed Reza Borghei)
  5. The design and explanations of managerial patterns based on Imam Khomeini’s views (Seyed Mohammad Moghimi)
  6. The explanation of organizational justice and its relation with job satisfaction in public organizations of Qom (Seyed Mohammad Moghimi)
  7. The survey of relation between trust towards suppliers and customers in supply chains with organizational systems in Qom industrial firms (Seyed Mohammad Moghimi)
  8. Study of charts and moving towards ethical organizations (Hossein Khanifar)
  9. An introduction to the nature of science and the components research paradigm (Hossein Khanifar)
  10. The design of human resource standards in the educational system of Iran (Seyed Mohammad Moghimi)

Future Prospects

The Faculty is planning the establishment of new departments focusing on Management of Information Technology, Financial Management, Crisis Management, Islamic Management, Media Management, Insurance Management, and Local Governance.

Major/Specialization BA MA PhD
Public Management + + -
Administrative Management - + -
Business Management - + -
Human Resource Management - - +
Policy Making Management - - +
Comparative & Development Management - - +
Organizational Behavior - - +