Faculty of Law


Faculty of Law

Departments and Degrees

The Faculty of Law consists of three departments:

  • Criminal Law and Criminology
  • Private Law
  • Public and International Law

The School admits students to B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. programs. Graduates later take on careers as judges, lawyers in legal or penal claims; and solicitors in ministries, institutes and companies.

Research Orientations and Projects

  1. The responsibility of guilty trustee in Iranian and Islamic law (Ali Reza Barikloo)
  2. A critique of the theological foundations of Iranian law (Abdoreza Alizadeh)
  3. Freedom of contract: unfair contract and unfair terms (Jalil Ghanavati)
  4. An appraisal of legitimacy of the IST’s establishment (Mahdi Haddadi)
  5. New observation in marriage disfunction (S.A. Alavi Ghazvini)
  6. Technology transfer and foreign investment through build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects (Abdolhossein Shiravi)
  7. Sex change and its legal consequences (Ali Reza Barikloo)
  8. Political Ayat al-ahkam of Quran (Bathaee)
  9. Public international order in international law system (Mahdi Haddadi)
  10. Network marketing (Abdolhossein Shiravi)

Future Prospects

The Faculty is in the process of establishing new departments to offer programs in peace studies, human rights, environmental law, child and family law, international commercial law, public international law, and intellectual property law. Furthermore, the Faculty is establishing two research centers titled the International Center for Peace Studies and the Research Center for Criminal Sciences.           

Major/Specialization BA MA PhD
Law + - -
Criminal Law and Criminology - + +
Private Law - + +
Public and International Law - + +