Faculty Members & Research Interests


• School of Chemical Engineering

Last Name First Name Title Research Interests Email
Abolghasemi Hossein Associate Professor Separation, process hoabatTehran.png
Amoabediny Ghasem Associate Professor Biotechnology, pharmaceutical engineering amoabedinyatTehran.png
Bahmanyar Hossein Professor Separation, biotechnology hbahmanyatTehran.png
Bahrameian Ali Reza Associate Professor Petroleum engineering, nanotechnology abahramatTehran.png
Esmaili Mohammad Assistant Professor Separation, nanotechnology esmailiatTehran.png
Fatemi Shohreh Professor Process, pharmaceutical engineering shfatemiatTehran.png
Ghorbanian Sohrab Ali Assistant Professor Separation, energy & environment ghorbanatTehran.png
Haghighi Manouchehr Associate Professor Petroleum engineering haghighiatTehran.png
Hamidi Ali Asghar Associate Professor Process, energy & environment aahamidiatTehran.png
Hashemi Aghchebodi Seyyed Jalaledin Assistant Professor Process jhashemiatTehran.png
Hashemi Motlagh Ghodrat Allah Assistant Professor Polymer engineering, pharmaceutical engineering ghmotlaghatTehran.png
Jafari Amanabadi Seyyed Hassan Associate Professor Polymer engineering, nanotechnology shjafariatTehran.png
Jalali Farahani Farhang Professor Process, petroleum engineering fjalaliatTehran.png
Javadi Aliyar Assistant Professor Petroleum engineering javadi.aliyar@gmail.com
Kaffashi Babak Associate Professor Polymer engineering, nanotechnology kaffashiatTehran.png
Khadiv Parsi Parisa Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical engineering, separation kparsiatTehran.png
Khodadadi Abbas Ali Professor Nanotechnology, catalyst khodadadatTehran.png
Mansourpour Zahra Assistant Professor Process mansourp@alumni.ut.ac.ir
Mehrnia Mohammad Reza Associate Professor Biotechnology, separation mmehrniaatTehran.png
Montazer Rahmati Mohammad Mehdi Professor Separation mrahmatiatTehran.png
Mortazavi Yadollah Professor Catalyst, nanotechnology mortazavatTehran.png
Mostoufi Navid Professor Process, catalyst mostoufiatTehran.png
Motahari Moghadam Siamak Assistant Professor Polymer engineering, energy & environment smotahariatTehran.png
Moosavian Mohammad Ali Professor Separation, catalyst moosavianm.a@yahoo.com
Nakhaee Ali Assistant Professor Petroleum engineering, drilling engineering anakhaeeatTehran.png
Panjeh Shahi Mohammad Hassan Professor Process, energy & environment mhpanjatTehran.png
Rajabi Hamaneh Mehdi Assistant Professor Process rajabiatTehran.png
Rasaei Mohammad Reza Assistant Professor Petroleum engineering mrasaeiatTehran.png
Rashedi Hamid Associate Professor Biotechnology, food industry hrashediatTehran.png
Rezaeian Iraj Professor Polymer engineering, nanotechnology rezaeianatTehran.png
Riahi Siavash Associate Professor Petroleum engineering, energy & environment riahiatTehran.png
Rostami Behzad Assistant Professor Petroleum engineering brostamiatTehran.png
Sadr Afsaneh Instructor Chemical engineering asadratTehran.png
Salehi Zeynab Assistant Professor Biotechnology zsalehyatTehran.png
Sarafzadeh Mohammad Hossein Associate Professor Energy & environment sarafzdhatTehran.png
Shariati Niasar Mojtaba Professor Nanotechnology, separation mshariatatTehran.png
Sotoudeh Gharebagh Rahmat Professor Pharmaceutical engineering, process sotudehatTehran.png
Tahuni Nasim Assistant Professor Energy & environment ntahuniatTehran.png
Tavakoli Omid Assistant Professor Energy & environment, biotechnology otavakoliatTehran.png
Torabi Angaji Mahmoud Associate Professor Polymer engineering mtorabiatTehran.png
Vatani Ali Associate Professor Petroleum engineering, process avataniatTehran.png
Zahedi Payam Assistant Professor Polymer engineering phdzahediatTehran.png
Zarghami Reza Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical engineering, process rzarghamiatTehran.png

• School of Civil Engineering

Last Name First Name Title Research Interests Email
Aalamiharandi Reza Lecturer Structural engineering aalami.r.hatTehran.png 
 Aflaki Sassan Assistant Professor Highways & transportation engineering aflakiatTehran.png 
Ahmadi Karvig Hassan Assistant Professor Hydraulics structural engineering ahmadihassan.k@gmail.com
Attarnejad Reza Associate Professor Structural engineering, hydraulics structural engineering rattaratTehran.png
Babazadeh Abbas Assistant Professor Transportation engineering ababazadehatTehran.png
Badiei Peyman Assistant Professor Hydraulics structural engineering, environment engineering pbadieiatTehran.png
Bahaari Mohammad Reza Associate Professor Structural engineering, earthquake engineering mbahariatTehran.png
Banihashemi Mohammad Ali Assistant Professor Hydraulics structural engineering, environment engineering banihashatTehran.png
Bargi Khosrow Professor Structural engineering, earthquake engineering, marine structural engineering kbargiatTehran.png
Behnia Cambyse Associate Professor Geotechnical engineering, highways & transportation engineering cbehniaatTehran.png
Dolatshahi Pirooz Moharram Associate Professor Marine structural engineering mdolatatTehran.png
Fakher Ali Associate Professor Geotechnical engineering, marine structural engineering afakheratTehran.png
Farjoodi Jamshid Assistant Professor Earthquake engineering, structural engineering jfarjoodatTehran.png
Farzaneh Orang Assistant Professor Geotechnical engineering, highways & transportation engineering ofarzaneatTehran.png
Gatmiri Behrouz Professor Earthquake engineering, geotechnical engineering gatmiriatTehran.png
Ghalandarzadeh Abbas Associate Professor Geotechnical engineering aghalandatTehran.png
Ghassemieh Mehdi Associate Professor Structural engineering, earthquake engineering mghassematTehran.png
Ghiassi Reza Assistant Professor Hydraulics structural engineering, environment engineering rghiassiatTehran.png
Gholipour Yaghob Associate Professor Structural engineering, construction material ygholipouratTehran.png
Ghorbani Tanha Sayyed Amir Kayvan Assistant Professor Structural engineering, earthquake engineering ghtanhaatTehran.png
Heravi Gholamreza Assistant Professor Structural engineering, construction engineering & management heraviatTehran.png
Hosseini Abdollah Assistant Professor Structural engineering, construction engineering & management, construction material hosseiniabyatTehran.png
Karamouz Mohammad Professor Waterresources planning & management karamouzatTehran.png
Kerachian Reza Professor Environment engineering, waterresources planning & management kerachianatTehran.png
Khademi Navid Assistant Professor Transportation engineering navid.khademiatTehran.png
Khan Mohammadi Mohammad Assistant Professor Earthquake engineering, structural engineering mkhanatTehran.png
Latifi Namin Manouchehr Associate Professor Geotechnical engineering mlatifiatTehran.png
Mahmoudzadeh Kani Iraj Professor Structural engineering imkaniatTehran.png
Malek Shahrokh Assistant Professor Structural engineering, earthquake engineering maalekatTehran.png
Marefat Mohammad Sadegh Professor Structural engineering, earthquake engineering mmarefatatTehran.png
Mir Ghaderi Seyed Rasoul Assistant Professor Structural engineering, earthquake engineering rmirghaderiatTehran.png
Mirghasemi Ali Asghar Professor Geotechnical engineering, hydraulics structural engineering aghasemiatTehran.png
Mohammadi Soheil Professor Structural engineering smohamatTehran.png
Montazeri Namin Masoud Assistant Professor Hydraulics structural engineering, environment engineering mnaminatTehran.png
Moradi Majid Assistant Professor Geotechnical engineering mmoradiatTehran.png
Motavalli Masoud Assistant Professor Structural engineering, construction material masoud.motavalli@empa.ch
Naeeni Seyed Taghi Omid Assistant Professor Hydraulics structural engineering, marine structural engineering stnaeeniatTehran.png 
Palassi Massoud Assistant Professor Geotechnical engineering, highways & transportation engineering mpalasatTehran.png
Rahimian Mohammad Professor Structural engineering rahimianatTehran.png
Sadegh Azar Majid Associate Professor Earthquake engineering, structural engineering msadeghaatTehran.png
Shah Ghasemi Ebrahim Assistant Professor Environment engineering, water resources planning & management eshghasemi@gmail.com
Shekarchi Mohammad Associate Professor Structural engineering, construction material shekarchatTehran.png
Tabesh Massoud Professor Environment engineering, water resources planning & management mtabeshatTehran.png
Tavakolan Mehdi Associate Professor Structural engineering, construction engineering & management mtavakolanatTehran.png
Vahdani Shahram Assistant Professor Structural engineering svahdaniatTehran.png
Zahrai Seyed Mehdi Associate Professor Earthquake engineering, structural engineering mzahraiatTehran.png
Zahraie Banafsheh Associate Professor Water resources planning & management bzahraieatTehran.png

• School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Last Name First Name Title Research Interests Email
Abbasfar Ali Azam Assistant Professor Wireless communications, digital signal processing for communication systems, coding theory and applications abbasfaratTehran.png
Abbasian Najafabadi Tooraj Assistant Professor Mechatronics, embedded system design, fault tolerant control systems, advanced control of electric drives najafabadiatTehran.png
Afsharnia Saeed Associate Professor Reactive power control in electrical systems, flexible AC transmission systems, distributed generation, electrical drives, smart grid safsharatTehran.png
Afzalikousha Ali Professor Optoelectronic device modeling, nanodevice modeling, digital circuits and systems, low-power electronics, process variation aware digital design afzaliatTehran.png
Aghaiezadeh Zoroofi Reza Professor Medical software & system development, medical image analysis & medical informatics, advanced computer graphics & medical data visualization, image processing & machine vision zoroofiatTehran.png
Akhaee Mohammad Ali Assistant Professor Multimedia signal processing, multimedia security, security management akhaeeatTehran.png
Alizadeh Bijan Assistant Professor Embedded system design methodologies, post-silicon debug of digital systems, system level design and verification, reconfigurable computing b.alizadehatTehran.png
Aminifar Farrokh Assistant Professor Power system operation and planning faminifaratTehran.png
Arbabi Ehsan Assistant Professor Biomedical engineering, virtual reality,3-D simulation and analyzing, pattern recognition, data/signal processing, brain-computer interface (BCI), computer graphics, affective computing earbabiatTehran.png
Asadpour Masoud Assistant Professor Social network, swarm intelligence, collective robotics, bio-inspired robotics, machine learning, transfer learning asadpouratTehran.png
Asaie Behzad Assistant Professor Electric and hybrid electri vehicles, power electronics and inverters, automotive electrical, electronic, and control systems, automotive test systems, electric machines and drives, hybrid electric locomotives, hybrid electric buses, electric bike and scooters, solar cars, renewable energy, gas and steam power plants basaeiatTehran.png
Asl Soleimani Ebrahim Professor Solid state electronics, electroni devices, solar cell, thin film technology, transparent conductive oxide soleimniatTehran.png
Bahrami Fariba Associate Professor Biological system modeling, computational neuroscience, rehabilitation engineering, Human motor control fbahramiatTehran.png
Dehmollaian Mojtaba Assistant Professor Applied electromagnetics (EM) including development of hybrid methods for fast/efficient computation of EM scattering, EM modeling, synthetic aperture imaging, application of optimization methods, and numerical methods IPO and FDTD m.dehmollaianatTehran.png
Ersali Salehinasab Mostafa Assistant Professor Computer architecture, embedded system design, hardware/software codesign mersaliatTehran.png
Faili Hesham Assistant Professor Statistical approaches on natural language processing, machine translation, spell and grammar checker, statistical approaches on speech processing, information retrieval, data mining hfailiatTehran.png
Faiz Jawad Professor Design and modeling electrical machines jfaizatTehran.png
Fakhraie Sied Mehdi Associate Professor VLSI communication and intelligent system design fakhraieatTehran.png
Faraji-Dana Reza Professor Computational electromagnetics, bio-electromagnetics, microwaves, millimeter-waves & THz imaging, passive optical waveguides and components, antenna design and new measurement techniques rezaatTehran.png
Farhangi Shahrokh Professor Power electonics, electrical drives, photovoltaic power processing, power converters, energy systems farhangiatTehran.png
Fatemi Seyed Omid Assistant Professor System level digital design, information technology, knowledge management, e-learning, multimedia processing ofatemiatTehran.png
Fathipour Morteza Associate Professor MEMS and MOEMS, process and device simulation, flat panel displays mfathiatTehran.png
Forouzandeh Behjat Associate Professor Circuit modeling in nanoscale circuits and systems, nanodevices and their integration, statistical analysis in nanoscale systems, nanostructures including carbon nanotubes, interconnect modeling in VLSI circuits, nano/quantum computing, design and analysis of SOI systems, hardware implementation of neural network, VLSI circuit and system design bforoozatTehran.png
Ghasemi Hassan Assistant Professor Energy management systems for smart grids and microgrids, electricity market operation h.ghasemiatTehran.png
Ghasemi Esfahani Fatemeh Assistant Professor Formal methods in software engineering, protocol verification, process algebra, model checking, performance evaluation fghassemiatTehran.png
Hashemi Mahmoud Reza Assistant Professor Ubiquitous multimedia computing, multi view coding, distributed video coding, multi-processor systems-on-chip for multimedia applications, hardware architectures for multimedia rhashemiatTehran.png
Hosseinzadeh Gholamali Associate Professor Functional imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, medical imaging, statistical signal processing ghzadehatTehran.png
Iman Eini Hossein Assistant Professor Power electronics, power quality, renewable energy systems imaneiniatTehran.png
Jafarabadi Ashtiani Shahin Assistant Professor Analog integrated circuits, flat panel displays, electronic instrumentation sashtianiatTehran.png
Kamareie Mahmoud Professor Microwaves, high frequency electronics, communications circuits & systems, antennas and propagation, under water acoustic propagation kamareiatTehran.png
Kargahi Mehdi Associate Professor Real-time and embedded systems, performance and dependability modeling, power-aware computing, dependable and adaptive real-time systems, energy harvesting systems kargahiatTehran.png
Kebriaie Hamed Assistant Professor Game theory, estimation and learning, stochastic control, smart grids kebriaeiatTehran.png
Khonsari Ahmad Associate Professor Interconnect networks (multicomputers, MPSoC, networks of workstatons) mobile and wireless ad-hoc networks, high performance computer architectures, performance modelling/evaluation akhonsariatTehran.png
Khosravi Ramtin Assistant Professor Formal methods in software engineering, software architecture, software product line engineering r.khosraviatTehran.png
Kolahdouz Esfahani Mohammadreza Associate Professor Piezo-, thermo- and opto-electric devices and sensors, nanotransistors, biosensors, MEMS, cleanroom processing kolahdouzatTehran.png
Lahouti Farshad Associate Professor Network information theory, source, channel and network coding, multimedia compression and communication over wireless and wireline networks, wireless communications & cross-layer design, hardware implementation of coding schemes lahoutiatTehran.png
Lesani Hamid Professor High voltage engineering, electrical insulation lesaniatTehran.png
Masoumi Naser Associate Professor VLSI 2D and 3D : High Performance and Low Power IC/ASIC Design/Implementation, FPGAs, Signal Integrity, Power Management, Optimization, Modeling, CAD ToolsSystem; Interconnects, Nano Wires, CNTs: Modeling, Delay, Crosstalk, Power, Optimization, Nano Technology, Nano ULSI Circuits, Nano Systems, Array-Based Architectures (ABA); RFICs, RFIDs, WSNs, Analog ICs, Portable/Wireless/Wired Transceivers/Communications Systems, Mixed-Signal ICs, Consumer Electronics, RF Components, Spiral Inductors, Substrate Couplings, Noise nmasoumiatTehran.png
Mirian Hosseinabadi Maryam Assistant Professor Machine learning, Pattern Recognition, Robot Learning, Decision Support Systems mmirianatTehran.png
Moddaressi Mehdi Assistant Professor Computer Arechitecture, Network-on-chip modarressiatTehran.png
Mohajerzadeh Seyed Shamsoddin Professor Nano-electronics, Nano/Micro Fabrication, Nano-bio devices mohajeratTehran.png
Mohammadi Siamak Assistant Professor Asynchronous Circuit Design, Verification of Digital Circuits, Dependable Systems Design, VLSI, Network-on_Chip smohamadiatTehran.png
Mohammadpour-Aghdam Karim Assistant Professor Radio wave propagation, Active and passive high frequency microwave circuits kaghdamatTehran.png
Mohammad-Taheri Mahmoud Associate Profssor VLSI, Verification of Digital Circuits, Asynchronous Design, Network-on-chip, Interconnects, Computer Architecture mtaheriatTehran.png
Mohseni Hossein Professor Antennas: Theory and Design, Small Antennas: Theoretical Bounds, Miniaturization Techniques and Integration, Bio-Electromagnetics: Microwave & Millimeter-Wave exposure and Imaging systems, Antenna Measurement Techniques, Direction-of-Arrival Estimation and Spectrum Monitoring Systems, Modeling of microwave and Millimeter-Wave, Superconducting Passive Devices, COMMINT, ELINT and Radar Systems mohseniatTehran.png
Monsef Hasan Associate Professor Power System Operation under Deregulation, Reliability of Power System, Power System Protection and Planning hmonsefatTehran.png
Moradi Sabzevar Manouchehr Assistant Professor Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Toys moradihatTehran.png
Moshiri Behzad Professor Advanced Industrial Process Control, Advanced Instrumentation Systems, Sensor/Data Fusion, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Mechatronics, Bioinformatics moshiriatTehran.png
Nabavi Mohammad Taghi Instructor Electric Machine Modeling, Electric Machine Parameters Estimation nabaviatTehran.png
Najar Aarabi Babak Associate Professor Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, and Machine Vision; Prediction, System Modeling and Identification; Fuzzy Systems, Fuzzy-Statistical Modeling and Decision Making; System Biology, Bioinformatics, Modeling of Biological Systems and Biologically Motivated Methods araabiatTehran.png
Navabi Zainalabedin Professor Digital System Test and Testability, Hardware Description Languages, Electronic Design Tools and Methodology, RTL, ESL Modeling & Simulation, ESL Methodology, HLS (High Level Synthesis) with SystemC and Abstract HDLs, Abstracts and Mixed Design Environments navabiatTehran.png
Neshat Mohammad Assistant Professor Terahertz Technology, Terahertz sensing, spectroscopy & imaging, Novel integrated terahertz and mm-wave devices, Photoelectronic techniques for terahertz generation/detection mneshatatTehran.png
Niayesh Kaveh Associate Professor Power System Transients, Plasma Physics, Current Limitation and Interruption, Switching arc Physics, Electrical Contacts, Pulsed Power Engineering, High Current Testing and Apparatus kniayeshatTehran.png
Nili Ahmadabadi Majid Professor Cognitive Robotics, Machine Learning, Distributed Systems, Service Robotics, Multiagent Systems, Dynamic Walking and Manipulation Systems mniliatTehran.png
Olfat Ali Associate Professor Digital and Wireless Communication, Detection and Estimation Theory, Information Theory, Adaptive Filtering, Array Signal Processing aolfatatTehran.png
Pourfath Mahdi Assistant Professor Graphene based electronics, Quantum transport in nanostructures, Modeling of semiconductor devices pourfathatTehran.png
Rabiei Amirmasoud Assistant Professor Wireless Communication Systems rabieiatTehran.png
Rahgozar Maseoud Associate Professor Database Systems, Distributed Systems, Software Architecture, Bioinformatics, Social networks, Systems' Integration & Modernization, Systems' Migration & Evolution, Human Computer Interaction rahgozaratTehran.png
Rahimikian Ashkan Associate Professor Intelligent Control & Power Systems arkianatTehran.png
Rajaie Farzad Associate Professor Mechatronics, Embedded Control Systems, Robust and Intelligent Control, Electric Drives & Power Converters, Hybrid Electric Vehicles frajaeiatTehran.png
Ramezani Tabar Heydar Instructor Power Electronics, Electrical Drive Control, Control of Electrical Drives, Sensors/Transducers, Pulse Circuits, Electronics Circuit Theory ramezaniatTehran.png
Rashed Mohassel Jalil Professor Antennas, EM Theory, Microwaves, EMC/EMI, Circuits and Electronics, Applied Mathematics jrashedatTehran.png
Sabaghian Maryam Assistant Professor Wireless Communications, LTE-Advanced, Iterative Systems, Addaptive Signal Processing, Frequency Domain Processing, Cognitive Radio msabbaghianatTehran.png
Safari Saeed Assistant Professor Analogue and RF IC Design, Data Convertor, DC to DC Convertor saeedatTehran.png
Sanaie Zeinab Assistant Professor MEMS/NEMS, Bio (Bio-MEMS/Bio-NEMS, …), Energy (Sollar Cell, …) z.sanaeeatTehran.png
Sanayepasand Majid Professor Power System Analysis and Operation, Power System Control and Protection, Power System Transients, Digital Protective Relays, Application of AI, Substation Automation msanayeatTehran.png
Setarehdan Seyed Kamaledin Associate Professor Biomedical Signal Processing, Medical Image Processing, Medical Ultrasoun, Brain Computer Interfacing, Optics in Medicine and Near Infrared, Spectroscopy of Brain, Multi-resolution Signal Processing ksetarehatTehran.png
Shahabadi Mahmoud Professor Photonics, Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Eng., Terahertz Technology, Antenna Eng. shahabadatTehran.png
Shah-Mansouri Vahid Assistant Professor Wireless communications, Data Networks, Computer networks, and Internet, Optimization theory and its applications, Scheduling algorithms for broadband communications, Machine-to-machine communications vahids@ece.ut.ac.ir
Shakery Azadeh Assistant Professor Text Information Management, Information Retrieval, Data Mining shakeryatTehran.png
Shayegani Akmal Amir Abbas Assistant Professor High Voltage Test and Measurements, Power Transformers Monitoring and Diagnosis, Transients in Power Systems, Renewable and Efficient Power Systems, Lightning Modeling and Protection, Insulation Coordination, Lighting Engineering shayeganiatTehran.png
Sheikhaie Samad Assistant Professor Fault Tolerant System Design, Test and Design for Test, High-Level Synthesis, Computer Architecture, Computer Arithmetic, High Performance Computing sheikhaeiatTehran.png
Shoaie Omid Associate Professor Mixed-Signal /Analogue Integrated Circuits and System Design, Biomedical Electronics and Systems, Specialized Circuits and Systems in Communications, Electronics Systems for Smart Cars oshoaeiatTehran.png
Soltanian-Zadeh Hamid Professor Medical Image Analysis hszadehatTehran.png
Taghiyareh Fattaneh Assistant Professor eLearning, Multi-Agent Systems ftaghiyaratTehran.png
Vaez-Zadeh Sadegh Professor Sustainable Energy Policy, Linear Drives and Magnetic Levitation, Electric Motor Drives, Wireless Power Transfer, Power Systems Analysis and Control, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles vaezsatTehran.png
Yazdani Naser Professor Networking in General; Network Forwarding Engines; Communication Element Design; Wireless, Ad hoc, Sensor Networks; Communication Protocols, QoS; Database Design, Indexing; Web Crawling/Search, Distributed Systems; Operating System Design yazdaniatTehran.png
Yazdanpanah Mohammad Javad Professor Nonlinear/Optimal/Adaptive/Robust Control yazdanatTehran.png
Yousefi Leila Assistant Professor Photonic and Electromagnetic Metamaterials, Nano-Photonics lyousefiatTehran.png

• School of Industrial Engineering

Last Name First Name Title Research Interests Email
 Azadeh Mohammad Ali Professor Simulation optimization, Quality Control, Preformaue Assessment, Energy Foruacting & planning aazadehatTehran.png
Bozorgi Ali Assistant Professor Relief Logistics and disaster supply chain management Facility location in production and service alibozorgiatTehran.png
Ebrahimipour Vahid Assistant Professor Risk Management, Safety Eval. Reliability Eng. Knosled ng. vebrahimiatTehran.png
Ghodsi Reza Assistant Professor Optimization-Production Control-Sustainable Energy-Manufacturing ghodsiatTehran.png
Haderi Seyed Farid Associate Professor Energy Systems Analysis ghaderiatTehran.png
Haji yakhchali Siamak Assistant Professor Project Management yakhchaliatTehran.png
Heydari Jafar Assistant Professor Supply chain coordination, Inventory management j.heydariatTehran.png
Iranmanesh Seyed Hossein Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence and Expert system/Project-Management hiranmanesh@gmail.com
Jamili Amin Assistant Professor Transportation Optimization, Project Management Revenue Management in Production and Service ajamiliatTehran.png
Jolai Fariborz Professor Production Scheduling Supply Chain Modeling fjolaiatTehran.png
Keramati Abbas Associate Professor Information Technology & E-business keramatiatTehran.png
Nasiri MohammadMahdi Assistant Professor Scheduling and Sequencing, Outsourcing, Integer Programming mmnasiriatTehran.png
Rabbani Masoud Professor Planning and Optimization of industrial Systems mrabaniatTehran.png
Razmi Jafa