School of Industrial Engineering


The University of Tehran as the oldest and most famous university in the country and the symbol of Iranian advanced and post-secondary education has been established in the year 1934. This university is a diverse and comprehensive university covering a very broad range of academic fields and programs from medicine to engineering and other applied sciences while holding high standards in the quality of education across the country and the region.

Similarly, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tehran is the leading engineering and technical school in the country and serves as the pioneer in training of engineers and technical experts.

Within this Faculty, the School of Industrial Engineering delivers several engineering programs towards undergraduate (BSc), masters (MSc), and doctoral (PhD) degrees. The graduate program in this school started in the year 1995 and since then it is one of the highly recognized graduate school in the country accepting the very top students in the field.

Currently, there are 20 distinguished faculty members active in various research areas along with few other adjunct professors within the School of Industrial Engineering. The list of programs delivered every year by the school follows:

  • Department of Industrial Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering
  • Department System Engineering
    • Energy Systems Planning
    • Operations Research
  • Department of Business Engineering
    • Project Management in Oil and Gas Engineering
    • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
    • Facility and Structures Management and Engineering

The school is well equipped with different facilities and laboratories including Ergonomics lab, Industrial Simulation and Computer Aided Design lab, Time and Motion Studies lab, Systems Analysis lab, and a large computer site.

One of the affiliate institutions of the school is the Institute of Research in Energy Management and Planning that is registered and officially licensed by the Office of Development at the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Some of the main activities of this institution are accomplishment of several projects in the areas of energy management, energy economics, new technologies in energy, and energy policies; design of an MBA program in energy management; and organizing the first conference in energy management and planning.

The scientific and research journal of industrial engineering is established in 2009 by the School of Industrial Engineering at the University of Tehran. The abstracts of the published papers are also indexed and available in English by the Cambridge scientific indexing institution (CSA).

The School of Industrial Engineering is active in joint research and relation with other academic international bodies such a joint Masters program with ENSAM university of France.

Along the main campus, the school serves other subsidiary branches of the University of Tehran in other cities of Iran such as the Alborz Campus, Kish Campus, Fuman Campus, and Caspian Campus. Due to the active enrollment in the industrial engineering programs are available at all these branches.

The faculty members at the department have won various first titles as top and leading researchers and authors of books in the country and university many times due to their excellence in performance.