School of Mining Engineering


The School was home to the Center of Excellence of Mining at the national level since 2000 due to its eminent academic members and broad research and academic facilities. At present, the School admits students in two Bachelor’s programs namely Mining Exploration and Mining Exploitation Engineering. At Master’s level, there are five programs including Mining Exploration, Mining Exploitation, Rock Mechanics, Mineral processing and Petroleum Engineering. The School also admits PhD students in all of the above mentioned fields.

Research topics

School of Mining Engineering is pioneer in doing research on different aspects of Mining Engineering. Many research projects are being carried out in the field of exploration, mineral processing, exploitation, rock mechanics and environment. This faculty has a long history about the exploration of metal and coal mines and subsequent processing of them. The School has well equipped laboratories and well-known academic members in this regard. The following research topics are conducted in this School:

  • Mineral processing (Comminution, Gravity, Flotation, Chemical processes and Biotechnology)
  • Increasing recovery of mineral processing and coal washing plants
  • Recycling of wastes (coal and metalliferous)
  • Coal and mineral exploration
  • Environmental studies including field investigations and modeling on pollution generation and following fate and transport of pollutants associated with both coal and iron mines
  • Rock mechanics and Geo-engineering
  • Geothermal and hydro-geochemistry of hot springs
  • Shaft and tunnel designing
  • Open pit and underground mining


Program Major/Specialization BS.c. MS.c. Ph.D.
Mining Engineering Exploration + + +
Mineral Processing - + +
Rock Mechanics - + +
Exploitation + + +
Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Exploration - + -

Scientific Journal

School of Mining Engineering has newly established an International peer review journal namely “International Journal of Mining and Geo-Engineering (IJMEI)”. This journal covers all fields of mining and relevant geo-engineering and geo-environmental issues and aims to publish articles that are expected to be interesting for mining engineers, scientists, geologists and environmental groups. New manuscripts can be submitted to the Journal office electronically through e-mail:


Laboratories of the School includes: Mineral processing; Flotation; Geochemistry and chemical analysis; Petrography and Petrology; Mineralography; Mining laboratory; Optical mineralogy; Macroscopic mineralogy; XRD; Cartography and photogeology; Rock mechanics; Geophysics; Biotechnology; Geo-engineering; Simulation laboratory; Geology, Stratigraphy and Paleontology.

Contact Info.

  • Address: School of Mining Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
  • P.O.Box: 1439957131
  • Tel: +98 (21) 88013043
  • Fax: +98 (21) 88008838