College of Engineering


College of Engineering

After the foundation of the University of Tehran in 1934, the College of Engineering became one of its six colleges. Initially, Dar-al-Founun was the first home for the college. From the 100 high school students participating in the 1934 entrance exam, 40 were admitted to mechanical, electrical, civil and mining engineering majors. Now, this college is one of the largest higher education engineering institutions equipped with the most advanced facilities and laboratories.

The college currently has 12 schools offering 142 different B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs; it has 10 research institutes and 10 centers of excellence. Approximately 8,682 students (1,114 Ph.D., 3,381 M.Sc. and 4,187 B.Sc. students) pursue their studies here. More than 434 faculty members including 117 Professors, 114 Associate Professors, 195 Assistant Professors and eight Lecturers, teach and conduct research at the college.

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