UT Professor visits University of Cagliari, Italy within Erasmus+ Program

07 October 2019 | 00:00 Code : 9638 Events

Prof. Ali Tavili, faculty member of UT College of Agriculture and coordinator of the Erasmus+ program visited University of Cagliari, Italy on 19 September, 2019. In a meeting, the results of the project were presented by him under the title of Activities and achievements of the project of mobility for learners and staff between University of Cagliari and University of Tehran.

According to the project, the following academic achievements have been made so far successfully:

6 UT Ph.D. students each for 5 months have attended University of Cagliari.

In particular the UT Ph.D. students spent a part of their theses researches in University of Cagliari, Italy during the above mentioned period. 

6 University of Tehran faculty members and one expert (with Ph.D. degree) each one for two weeks had a short term research stay in University of Cagliari.

2 University of Cagliari faculty members and one expert (with Ph.D. degree) each for two weeks attended University of Tehran

1 University of Cagliari Ph. D student for 3 months also attended University of Tehran

During the visit of Prof. Tavili, the decree of the Adjunct Professorship of Prof. Gianluigi Bacchetta signed by President of University of Tehran was granted to him by Prof. Tavili. Moreover as a memory, a plate containing the logos of two universities was presented to Prof. Alessandro Carrucci , the Deputy for International Affairs at University of Cagliari.

In this mission, Prof. Tavili also had a meeting with Mr. Ahmad Kiaei , Iranian Consular in Rome . In the meeting, welcoming the establishment of cooperation with University of Cagliari, Mr. Kiaei also expressed his support for the expansion of academic ties with Italian universities in Rome, Milan and other cities.

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