A Joint meeting between the offficals of Faculty of Geography and the representative of Lund University, Sweden

15 September 2019 | 00:00 Code : 9369 News Events

A joint meeting was held with the representative of the University of Lund, Sweden in the presence of the Dean, Advisor to the Dean on International Affairs, and the Scientific Representative of the UT Faculty of Geography.

The main topic of the meeting was on the EU funded Erasmus+ international project between 6 European Universities, three universities in Iran (managed by University of Tehran) and two universities in Yemen under the name of Environmental Management in the Middle East. The project is being coordinated by Dr. Ali Mansourian, from the  Lund University, Sweden.

The main goal of this project is to develop scientific and educational capacities related to natural and environmental management using Spatial Data Infrastructures and Technologies in the Middle East.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Karamatollah Ziari, Dean of the Faculty of Geography, welcomed Dr. Ali Mansourian, the Project Leader and the Representative of Lund University and expressed the potential and capacity and international position of the Faculty of Geography. He further added, “Developing these partnerships will strengthen international relations, will provide both sides to  benefit from valuable experiences, enhance the international standing of the two universities, and the Faculty of Geography will use its full potential to maintain and develop these relationships".

Following this meeting, Dr. Saeid Hamzeh, Advisor to the Dean on International Affairs and Faculty member of the Department of Remote Sensing and GIS, and Dr. Ali Mansourian as the Project Leader and Representative of Lund University and Dr. Ara Toomanian as Scientific Representative of the Faculty of Geography, University of Tehran in this project, exchanged ideas and suggestions for developing cooperation and how to organize an Erasmus Plus training class between the Faculty of Geography and the University of Lund, as well as the possibility of further collaborating on joint international projects.


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