UT Retired Professor as one of the Outstanding International Psychologist Awardees

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Congratulations to 2019 D52 awardees!

Division 52 is proud to honor the 2019 Division awardees, Outstanding International Psychologist,


Dr. Reza Zamani is a native born Iranian who earned a BA degree in law and a degree in psychology before seeking his graduate education in the United States. He began these studies at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis) in 1968 focusing on clinical psychology and learning. His graduate research included things as diverse as visual reinforcement in fighting cocks, operant conditioning of vaso-motor responses, and the MMPI; his thesis explored treatments for migraine headaches. He served an internship at the University of Kansas Medical Center and a post-doctoral position in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota.

Zamani returned to Iran in 1975, and began his career of leadership in the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Tehran .He, along with some colleagues, re-founded the Iranian Psychological Association (IPA), became the Director of the Institute of Psychology at the University, Vice-chairman of Research and later, Chairman of the Department of Psychology and Education (2003-2006).

After retirement became Director (2007-2010) of Institute for Cognitive Science Studies (a freestanding degree granting research center). Zamani founded a new English journal and a bilingual journal in Iran that published articles in Persian and English so as to make Iranian research available to the wider world, and led organized psychology as the elected Vice -President and later President of the Iranian Psychological Association through several (non-consecutive) terms (1995-2018) and presently is the president of this association. Additionally,

Reza Zamani is a scholar having published several volumes (on biofeedback, MMPI, and a technical psychology English-Persian dictionary, translated important Western psychology books into Persian, and authored dozens of research papers. He is a revered, award winning world psychologist. He is planning to establish a new animal lab at the department. Furthermore, he is deeply interested and to some extent knowledgeable in Persian poetry.

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