The Roundtable for International Scientific Cooperation, MSRT, 5th August 2019

07 August 2019 | 00:00 Code : 8983 Events


The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, organised and hosted a roundtable for international scientific cooperation, where H.E. Minister Gholami, ambassadors and embassy representatives of Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, and Switzerland, along with deputy ministers of MSRT, chancellors and deputies of top Iranian universities and research institutions were present.

This meeting hoped to provide a platform for network and exchange of experiences, challenges and new opportunities between Iranian universities, research institutions and embassies of MSRT’s target countries. The meeting attendees elaborated on the previous and existing cooperation with the target countries and discussed various fields of cooperation, such as ‘exchange of students, staff and faculty members’, ‘undertaking joint venture research projects’, ‘6-9 months sabbatical leaves’ and providing ‘full funded scholarships’, ‘mutually funded projects’ and ‘expanding and strengthening cooperation in the fields of human sciences’.

The participants also expressed their support of ‘establishing joint universities and research institutions’, ‘cooperation of embassies for facilitating visa procedures and currency exchange issues’, ‘overcoming existing limitations on scientific publications’, ‘equipping research institutions’ and ‘supporting Persian language chairs and chairs of target countries at Iranian universities’.

Courtesy of MSRT English Website

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