High ranking Armenian scholar visits UT

22 July 2019 | 00:00 Code : 8852 Events

Prof. Garnik Asatraian , Orientalist and Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian-Armenian University, Yerevan paid a visit to the Center for Regional Studies, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences , UT and met with Prof. Kolaei, Head of the Department of Regional Studies and Director for Center for Central Eurasian Studies and other faculty members.

During this meeting, both sides exchanged ides on the latest issues of the region.  Prof. Asatraian had also a presentation at Caucasus Studies Institute. The program was organized by Caucasus Studies Institute and UT Science and Technology Park. The topic of presentation was Achievements and Neglected Research Topics in the Field of Iran and the Caucasus Ties.

It is worth noting that Prof. Asatraian has been the former Head of Chair of Iranology at Yerevan State University and Editor-in-Chief of Iran-Caucasia Journal.   

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