Ambassador of South Korea in Tehran Sees a Bright Horizon for Scientific Relations with Iran

21 July 2019 | 00:00 Code : 8845 News Events

 16 July 2019



On the sidelines of the 2nd meeting of Iranian and South Korean universities, held at the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Mr. Ryu Jeong-hyun, Ambassador of South Korea in Tehran, announced his country's interest in expanding science and technology relations with Iran. Referring to the 1500-years history of relation between the two countries, he noted that diplomatic and economic cooperation have been ongoing since 1962.

Ambassador Hyun referred to Ferdowsi's famous poem “seek science from cradle to grave”, he expressed his happiness on universities and educational institutions of the two countries, focusing and emphasizing on higher education, training and, in particular, raising public awareness; at various levels of the society. He also expressed his pleasure that both countries aim for long-term goals on science, research and technology, which can be noted as a commonality other than cultural similarities.

He added that the sanctions and the current difficult situations are temporary and that Iran and South Korea can focus on educational-scientific relations until the difficult conditions are resolved, and then enter the research and implementation phase.

He also referred to the long history and investment of Iran in medical and basic sciences, and expressed the interest of the Korean universities in basic sciences. In line with this, Ambassador Hyun welcomed the possibility of holding joint university rector’s conference between the two countries.

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