President of University of Zakho, Kurdistan Region-Iraq visits UT

15 July 2019 | 00:00 Code : 8796 News Events

On 14 July, 2019, Prof. Lazgin Abdi Jamil, President of University of Zakho,, Kurdistan Region-Iraq and accompanying delegation paid a visit to University of Tehran and met with Prof. Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabadi, President of University of Tehran. The accompanying delegation of University of Zakho was comprised of :

1. Prof. Yaseen Taha Mustafa, Professor, Faculty of Science,

2. Prof. Dler Adil Jameel, Director of Training and Development Centre


3. Prof. Soleiman Moeinfar, Professor, Scientific Research Center of UOZ

The meeting was held in the presence of Prof. Ghahramani,Vice President for International Affairs, Prof. Zamani, Vice President and Head of Office of The President of UT, Prof. Darzi, Head of International Center for Persian Studies ( Dehkhoda Encyclopedia Institute)  , Prof. Akhondzadeh, Director General, Office for International Students and Staffs, Prof. Mohamamdi Panah, Advisor to the Dean of College of Sciences on Int. Affairs, Eskandari, Director General for International Relations, and Ms. Moradian, Staff, Office of International Relations.

After exchanging welcome remarks,  the following topics were discussed and both sides agreed upon them in principle:

  • Working on key issues of researches such as water , environment, natural resources
  • Cultivating the possibility of working on dual degree on the areas of interst
  • Dispatching faculty members of University of Zakho to University of Tehran to spend their sabbatical leaves
  • Dispatching Ph.D. student of Persian Language and Literature to University of Zakho to spend research stay and help with teaching
  • Membership of University of Zakho in AUAP
  • Establishing the Department of Persian Language with the help of Dehkhoda Encyclopedia Institute 
  • Participation of faculty members of University of Zakho in upcoming Middle-East European Forum to be held at UT
  • Cooperation with Institute of Water at UT and Unesco Chair  on Water
  • Participation in IESTE projects
  • Collaboration with Science and Technology Park

At the end of the meeting, a general MoU was signed between the two universities.  

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