French Ambassador to I.R. of Iran meets with UT President

06 July 2019 | 00:00 Code : 8732 News Events

On the 2nd July, 2019 , Mr. Philippe Thiebaud, Ambassador of France to I.R. of Iran paid a visit to University of Tehran and met with Prof. Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabadi, President of University of Tehran .  In this meeting both sides expressed their readiness to boost the already-established ties,

In a part of the meeting, the French ambassador appreciated UT for hosting AUF recent conference successfully. He praised this event as an opportunity for interdisciplinary cooperation. In response, President Nili Ahmadabadi, also thanked the Ambassador and the cultural section for their support to the program. 

He also mentioned that at the side line of the event, an agreement was between Mr. Saburan as the AUF Director and UT officials in connection with Artificial Intelligence and E-Learning and holding joint workshops.

The French Ambassador further referred to the AUF capacities and Jondi Shapur project in supporting such kind of cooperation mentioned by the UT President.

Cooperation with  ENSAM , ParisTech , CNRS , Erasmus Plus projects and other French universities and institutions were also discussed by the two officials. At the end of the program, the French Ambassador donated a series of legal and engineering books to University of Tehran.    

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