UT President’s Annual Report

07 April 2019 | 11:00 Code : 7887 Events

On the 4th April, 2019, President Nili Ahmadabadi, released an annual report of 2018 on UT activities in different areas addressed to faculty members, students and administrative staffs and alumni as well. Part of this report focuses on UT achievements and challenges on the third strategic objective, i.e. internationalization.

According to President Nili Ahamadabadi’s report, given the UT Third Strategic Plan, the promotion of international activities is still at the blueprint. In the last academic year, despite the foreign currency problems, UT has continued its supportive programs. Teaching programs in other languages , attracting more international students, giving grants to the exchange of professors and students and spending sabbatical leave and research stays, using international funds and programs such as Erasmus+, UT presidency on AUAP and active participation of UT in IAU Executive Board events , joint meeting of UT and EU , Iran and Russian top universities presidents meetings, contribution in IAU SDG clusters, holding international sports Olympiads, extending support to Kish and Aras international campus programs were some of the main topics which the President report has dealt with. It is expected that different sectors of UT in close cooperation could fulfill their ideals in a move towards further quality enhancement.


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