UT eminent Professor of Ancient Culture and Languages Passed Away

10 February 2019 | 08:00 Code : 7523 News Events

Mohsen Abolghasemi, one of the outstanding faculty members of the Department of Ancient Culture and Languages, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Tehran passed away at the age of 82 on 6 February, 2019. He was a graduate of (SOAS University of London; the School of Oriental and African Studies). Some of his eminent teachers were scientists such as Walter Bruno Henning, a German scholar of Middle Iranian languages and literature and Nora Elisabeth Mary Boyce, a British scholar of Iranian languages .

Some of his academic works include the followings:

  • Change of the meaning of word in Persian language
  • Five Speeches on the historical grammar of Persian language
  • History of Persian language
  • Precise history of Persian language
  • Historical grammar of Persian language
  • A guide to ancient languages of Iran (2 volumes)
  • Persian language and its fate
  • Poetry in Pre-Islam era
  • Mani as narrated by Ibn Nadim (Translation)
  • Etymology
  • Verbs in Persian Dari
  • Iranian religions in ancient ages as narrated by Shahrestani (Translation) 

He used to teach and conduct research in the fields of linguistics and culture of ancient Iran for more than half a century both at University of Tehran and after retirement at Islamic Azad University. He has the management of the Department of Culture and Ancient Languages of UT in his academic record.

May God Bless His Soul. 

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