A Chinese student at University of Tehran

27 January 2019 | 08:00 Code : 7389 Events

I am Jenan. I am a Chinese from a city in the north of China. I am now studying Spanish literature in the Spanish Department of the University of Tehran. This is my third year stay in Iran. For the past two years, I have been trying to learn Persian in order to enter into the University of Tehran. I am honored to enter the University of Tehran. I have deep feelings for Iran. My goal is to get a degree from UT.

In Iran, most of the Iranians are hospitable to me, because I am a Muslim. I came to Iran and quickly integrated into the culture of this country. When I first came to Iran, I was not used to eating Iranian food, but as times went by, I got used to the Iranian food culture.

I also like the slow pace of Iranian life. In China, the opposite is true. The pace of life in China is very fast. Everyone works hard to finish his/her works , so, when you see Chinese people at work, you will think that Chinese people are very anxious, and very busy. You might think it has been a long day. Why are the Chinese in such a hurry? But for Chinese people, nothing is more important than time. So, everyone is in a race against time. I think this is also the reason for the rise of China.

In University of Tehran, I like teachers very much, because they are very responsible for every student. The teachers are friendly to foreigners. The teachers and the students discuss each kind of related study topics. Teachers help the foreign students to be able to understand the study contents very well. I am proud that I am a Chinese. I am also proud that I am a student at University of Tehran. I hope tomorrow will be better.

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